The Drs: Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing & Belotero Filler Reviews


The Doctors: Belotero Review Neck Line Filler

The Doctors shared some of the best anti-aging secrets and products, including Kate Somerville Reviews and Creative Home Skin Care tips. Next, they turned to the latest treatment innovations, including Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing. Dermatologist Dr Derek Jones shared a Belotero review.

Judy wanted to do something about the lines in her neck. Dr Andrew Ordon was struck by the fact that Judy’s face was wrinkle-free, but her neck lines were pronounced. That’s why Dr Jones brought up the recently FDA-approved filler Belotero, which he called “the next generation” of fillers, reducing bumps and discoloration associated with fillers.


Belotero Filler Treatment Results

The Drs: Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing Review

Want to do something about smoker's lines/ Learn about Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing results.

After he applied numbing cream to Judy, he demonstrated the injections to Judy’s neck skin. Dr Ordon noted that the skin in this area is thin, requiring superficial injections. There was not any bleeding, but the skin was raised along the injection line.

Dr Jones said the filler would integrate with the skin, and he massaged the treatment area after injections. According to studies, the results of this filler could last between six and 12 months. He noted that the patient will look her best about seven days after treatment.


The Drs: Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing

Judy recently quit smoking after 40 years; she said she started at age 11. She noticed how it was affecting her skin in her 30s. “I like to smile, but I feel when I do smile, it shows it even more,” she said. She wanted to know what can be done to reverse some of the skin damage smoking caused to her face, so she visited a dermatologist’s office for a consultation and treatment.

Dermatologist Dr Ben Behnam demonstrated a new procedure for this. First, he applied a topical numbing cream all over her face, focusing on smoker lines. He said that a fractional CO2 laser could help stimulate collagen and contract the skin to smooth some of her wrinkles. After the procedure, Dr Behnam said Judith would be able to drive herself home.

The Doctors: Smoker’s Skin Treatment Results

Back in the studio, Dr Behnam said that this process was intended to clear up some of the skin consequences of smoking, which can also reduce blood flow to facial skin tissue, which is what causes premature aging.

Judy came onstage to show off her results, which were actually very impressive. Her wrinkles were reduced and she looked more vibrant. She said she feels incredible, and she encouraged smokers to give up the habit, which causes a lot of damage, including skin consequences.

The Drs: eTwo Laser System Review

Plastic surgeon Dr Michael Niccole talked about another new procedure, the eTwo Laser System, which “stimulates collagen, stimulates hyaluronic acid and elastic,” Dr Niccole said. “What we’re doing with syringes, this is doing with radiofrequency.”

The patient reported a small pinch, and the process used heat to get the skin moving. The process causes skin to contract and produce new, healthy collagen. Before and after pictures after multiple treatments showed some results, but they weren’t quite as impressive as Judy’s results.

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