The Drs: Fillers For Triathlete Athlete’s Face + Child Genius


The Doctors: What Is Athlete’s Face?

The Doctors then turned to a woman who shared that in her early 20’s she was incredibly active, swimming and taking part in triathlons. The Olympic committee saw her riding in one of the triathlons and sent her a bike, telling her to start training for the olympics. Three years later she went to the Olympic trials, and she was training eight hours a day during that time. She was fit and loved it, having gained muscle pretty easily. Now, when she looks in the mirror, she notices a more “gaunt” facial appearance with yellow teeth. She went from being incredibly confident to incredibly self conscious. “Aging caught me off guard,” she said.


She now does yoga six times a week and swims 5-6 days a week with some cycling here and there. She said she feels better than ever, but said her inside doesn’t match her outside. Cheryl was in the procedure room with board-certified dermatologist Dr Kian Karimi, who said Cheryl was suffering from “athlete’s face” which is where she actually loses her facial fat, mainly in the middle of the face near the cheeks and around the mouth. There’s a great loss of volume in those areas.

The Drs: Fillers For Triathlete Athlete's Face + Child Genius

The Doctors heard from an Olympic triathlete who’s been suffering from low self esteem ever since “athlete’s face” changed her appearance. (leith / Flickr)


The Doctors: Fillers For Athlete’s Face

The good news was that in just 2-3 sessions, the area on Cheryl’s face could be filled in with injectables. He used three different injections, at her temple, mid-face, and around the mouth. Plus, the fillers and needles Dr Karimi was using, wouldn’t cause any bruising or damage to the tissue, which means Cheryl could achieve the exact look she was hoping for! Cheryl said it felt as if nothing was happening! The Doctors would then reveal Cheryl’s results later in the show!

Later in the show, The Doctors revealed Cheryl’s new look, revealing her before and after. The difference was the most noticeable next to her nose and below her eyes, but Cheryl was brought to tears she was so thankful for the results. She was truly speechless and was finally able to mutter that she was so happy. The procedure could cost anywhere from $500 to several thousand dollars, depending on how much volume is needed.

The Doctors: Child Genius

The Doctors then moved on to talk about the Lifetime reality competition series “Child Genius,” which features 20 of “America’s gifted kids” who were all battling to win a $100,000 college fund. The Doctors introduced Adrian who is participating in the series. Adrian sat down at the piano to reveal his incredible musical abilities, and said it’s as if he and the piano are old friends. He’s received dozens of awards and tries to practice ten hours a day. At just 11-years-old, he’ll be entering 12th grade and takes both high school and college courses. He wants to attend Harvard one day and reads the Washington Journal every day.

Because Adrian is in high school, he’ll be attending prom with his classmates. Adrian’s mom Olga said the most important thing they did each day was plan. Adrian always knew what needed to be done, and now he can go each day without a plan. The Doctors then set Adrian up for a competition against Dr Andrew Ordon. Whoever answered the most questions would win, but the other wouldn’t be able to hear the questions or answers until it was their turn. Dr Ordon only missed one and passed on one, while Adrian correctly answered all of them!

Adrian then ended the segment by playing the piano while wearing a Doctors’ bow-tie!


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