The Drs: Diaper Detector Color Guide & White Cheddar Oral Health


The Doctors: Teeth Whitening & Diaper Colors

The Doctors investigated some unmentionable body topics, including Conditioner Shaving Cream and even Decoding Your Boogers, because people always want to know why the body does the things it does.

The Drs: Diaper Detector

Pediatrician Dr Jim Sears said a baby’s diaper is a great clue in helping determine what’s going on with your baby. (It also means you have to spend time looking in diapers.)


The Doctors: Diaper Detector

Should you be concerned about the color of your baby's stool? The Doctors Diaper Detector guide gives a color code.

Meconium: Dark Green Diaper

The first few days of a baby’s stool will be a dark green or black substance called Meconium. It’s actually the remnants of what was inside your baby’s intestines, and it doesn’t have much of an odor.

Breastfeeding: Yellow Diaper

A baby’s yellow stool “tends to have more of a sweet smell,” Dr Sears said, comparing it to a mixture of mustard and cottage cheese. This is the result of breastmilk passing through the baby’s body.


Formula Feeding: Green Vs Tan Diaper

Depending on the type of formula and your baby, a formula fed baby’s diaper could have a green or tan/brown peanut butter diaper. These are both normal variations for formula fed babies. But sudden stool changes are something parents should pay attention to.

You might need to adjust a baby’s dietary regimen if you see mucus streaks or jelly chunks, which can indicate allergy or infection.

Red Diaper: Call Your Doctor

Tinges of red in a diaper are a cause for concern. If it occurs more than once, call your pediatrician for advice, because this could be a sign of a more serious health problem.

White Diaper: Liver Condition

A baby with repeated white stool in diapers is cause for concern. Alert your pediatrician, because this could indicate a serious liver condition.

The Doctors: White Cheddar Oral Health & Teeth Whitening

Do you want to whiten your teeth with something you may already have in your kitchen? It’s effective in preventing tooth decay because of its lactic acid, and it helps the body make enough saliva to fight acid buildup. Its calcium and phosphorus help prevent tooth enamel from eroding. That means you can feel great about eating White Cheddar on your cheese plate for whiter, healthier teeth. Just remember to consume high calorie foods as part of a balanced diet.


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