The Drs: Clean Skin Experiment: Washcloth Vs Abrader Brush & Cleanser


The Doctors: Clean Skin Experiment

How often do you think about your daily beauty routine? Have you ever wondered if you are taking the healthiest steps for your best look? The Doctors enlisted two viewers in a seven-day Clean Skin Experiment to compare some popular techniques, including the washcloth vs abrader.

Dermatologist Dr Glynis Ablon used the Visia system to photograph both women’s progress throughout this trial. One woman used a washcloth on one half of her face, and hand washed the other half. The second woman used a washcloth on one half and a manual abrader device on the other.


The Drs: Manual Abrader Vs Washcloth

The Doctors: Washcloth Vs Abrader

The Doctors Clean Skin Experiment compared beauty methods for facial cleansing, including washcloth vs abrader.

The Visia photos measured bacteria and other factors to evaluate the women’s cleaning regimens. Manual abrasion caused more bacteria than a washcloth, but the washcloth caused more facial redness.

Dr Ablon suggested using a gentle cleansing wipe to apply facial cleanser, rather than the rough washcloth.


The Doctors: Hands Vs Washcloth Face Wash

The second woman had less bacteria using a washcloth versus hands. As for redness, there was more when using the hands. Dr Ablon suggested that she use cleanser on a washcloth.

Both women were in the audience, smiling and looking great.

The Drs: Skin Care Cleansing Experiment Results

Dr Andrew Ordon said that basic skin care for men and women starts with cleanser. The women talked about what they learned about using a washcloth. But the women’s different skin types did give them different results.

Cassie said she found better tone and texture with a washcloth, but Stephanie said she just had more redness with a washcloth. She said the Visia scan was an eye opener in terms of results. Stephanie’s fairer skin was probably a factor.

“Everybody’s skin is a little bit different. You have to find the cleansing program that works best for you,” Dr Ordon said.

Dr Travis suggested that viewers try this at home, using one method for a week and comparing it to another option in a second week. You’d have to take your own regular pictures though; no fancy scans for the home audience.

The Doctors: Abrader Brush for Skin Care

Dr Ordon said that an abrader might work better for someone with oily skin, acne problems, or heavy makeup use. He said that people with dry or sensitive skin would not benefit from this type of brush.

The Doctors: Baby Washcloth for Sensitive Skin

He also suggested that those with sensitive skin could try using a baby washcloth, which is softer than an adult washcloth. As for washcloth bacteria, Dr Ordon said it’s ideal to use a fresh washcloth before each use; if not, let it dry in the sun between uses.

Cleaning makeup and dirt off your face is important, but Dr Ordon cautioned against going overboard, which can cause other beauty issues.


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