The Drs: Carmen Electra Beauty + Plus-Size Models & Obesity


The Doctors: Carmen Electra Dating & Beauty Secrets

The Doctors welcomed actress, singer, model, dancer, and TV host Carmen Electra. Dr Travis Stork first asked Carmen about online dating, and she explained that she needs to feel a “vibe” so she’s not really a fan of it. She said it’s a huge turn-off for her when the person she’s dating is suddenly posting about her all over soial media, and admitted that she loves bad boys. She explained that she’s “graduated” to liking men who used to be bad boys, but have grown up a bit. She said the ultimate man for her would be one who likes to help others. But what about her best beauty secrets?


Carmen shared that she likes to eat small meals throughout the day and practices regular exercise. She has always loved dancing but she’ll go to the gym as well. She said she’s not too hard on herself which is important. She also shared that red is her favorite color so whether it’s red lipstick or a red dress like she was wearing on the show, she loves to use the color.

The Drs: Carmen Electra Beauty + Plus-Size Models & Obesity

Carmen Electra joined The Doctors to discuss dating and her best secrets for looking as fabulous as she does. (rafamado / Flickr)


The Doctors: Should You Hide Your Age?

The Doctors then wanted to talk about an editorial in “Vogue” magazine that argued you shouldn’t reveal your age on social media after the age of 25. They claimed that the minute you give someone your age “there is therefor no wiggle room for the soul of the person.” Carmen Electra stated that everyone should “own your age.”

Dr Andrew Ordon said in his office, he likes to keep age out of the conversation because it’s truly just a number. He also made a point to say “it only gets better, the older you get.” When their Twitter followers were asked if women should stop showing their age after 25, 82% said no.

The Doctors: Robot Drinking Buddy

Next, The Doctors shared a video of a robot named Drinky, created by a man who was drinking alone and miserable. He created a robot to have a drinking partner and Dr Jennifer Ashton said it “represents a new low.” The Doctors weren’t exactly a fan of it but they were split in whether they would personally drink alone or only with friends.

The Doctors: Plus-Size Models Contribute To Obesity?

Switching gears, The Doctors then shared pictures of plus-size models in advertisements, explaining that critics are arguing that plus-sized models are contributing to obesity in society. Dr Ashton added that the fashion industry is responding to societal norms, and being plus-sized have nothing to do with how beautiful you are. Carmen shared that all women should be celebrated regardless of her size.


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