The Drs: Candis Cayne On Caitlyn Jenner & Man Bun Trend


The Doctors: “I Am Cait” Star Candis Cayne

The Doctors kicked off their October 7 episode with a celebrity guest from the show I Am Cait, Candis Cayne. Dr Travis Stork was curious about what it was like for Candis to be on a show that has both a social and political impact. Candis explained that Caitlyn Jenner “put the T in LGBT” and helped move things forward in the trans community. Candis said before, she always had to educate as she worked, but now when she’s on set she feels like she’s in a safe place.


Dr Rachael Ross pointed out the controversy with the show, and how people are saying that Caitlyn doesn’t represent the struggle of being transgender because she’s priviledged and transitioned later in life. Candis said “we all go through struggle, it’s different for everybody.” Candis struggled at 24-years-old and Caitlyn waited until she 65-years-old, so that’s a struggle of her own. They then asked Candis to join in the conversation as they discuss controversil topics.

The Drs: Candis Cayne On Caitlyn Jenner & Man Bun Trend

Candis Cayne joined to the show to talk about Caitlyn Jenner and the latest beauty trend for men. (greginhollywood / Flickr)


The Doctors: The Man Bun Trend

Dr Travis then wanted to talk about big buns, saying that man buns are all the rage right now. Chris Hemsworth and Orlando Bloom have been seen rocking the man bun. Candis said “if a man is sexy, a man is sexy, it doesn’t really matter.” Dr Rachael Ross said she had a man bun crush on Jason Momoa from Game of Thrones. Candis said she likes the Jake Gyllenhaal man bun, but heard they have clip-on man buns.

The Doctors then revealed Photoshopped pictures of Dr Travis and Dr Drew Ordon sporting the man bun, and let’s just say they’re much better off rocking short hair. How do you feel about men wearing their hair in buns?

The Doctors: Caitlyn Jenner Halloween Costume

They then moved on to talk about the Caitlyn Jenner Halloween costume that either pays homage to the star, or pokes fun at her. Does it promote trans-phobia? Candis said it’s difficult because Caitlyn isn’t a joke, but people are going to treat it that way. She said it’s disrespectful to demean any minority. Candis said people are going to do it as a joke, and go about it the wrong way. Dr Ross said if you look at violence against the LGBT community, three out of four violent episodes are committed against a transgender person.

There’s now an app for the LGBT community called Moovz, and Candis explained that it’s meant as a safe place for people to go, share their stories, and meet each other. She described it as a mix between Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder. Everywhere in the world, you can connect with LGBT people.

Do you think Caitlyn Jenner has helped reshape the way our country views and supports members of the LGBT community?


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