The Drs: Breast Cleavage Ideal Spacing & Sugar Causes Facial Hair


The Doctors: Ideal Space Between Breasts

Dr. Lisa Masterson asked if women are more attractive with or without a space between their breasts. Comedian Loni Love hit the streets to ask for people’s opinions, and they were predictably split on the question. “There is no best when it comes to breasts,” Loni Love concluded.

Dr. Lisa said women try lots of different methods to increase their breast size, many of which are probably ineffective. Bras can do a lot to manipulate the aesthetic of breasts as well. “You can change the whole landscape of your breasts with the right bra,” Dr. Lisa said.


The Doctors Cleavage

Find out the ideal space you'll want between your breasts, and how to achieve it.

The Drs: Cleavage Changes

Dr. Andrew Ordon used balloons to explain what determines your cleavage. The pitch of your chest wall is a major factor. He demonstrated that your chest shape is what causes your breasts to slope to the sides or the middle of your chest. He said Uni-Breast, or breasts too close together, is a dangerous thing.

He demonstrated how to measure the axis of your breasts, using a tape measure and measuring from the neck, down the center of the breast. Dr. Ordon said you can use Breast Implants to create more cleavage if you don’t have it naturally.


Does Sugar Cause Facial Hair

If you are thinking about enjoying a second cupcake for dessert, you may want to read this first. Doctors theorize that excess sugar can cause women to grow facial hair, by disrupting the hormones.

Dr. Lisa said this can be associated with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, wherein the sugar causes a hormone imbalance, leading to excess hair growth. Metformin, a medication typically used to treat Diabetes, can help to treat the condition.

Dr. Travis said cutting back on sugar isn’t going to hurt anybody. Dr. Jim Sears said extra sugar has different effects on men, leading to extra fat, increased estrogen, and man boobs.


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