The Drs: Beauty Vlogger Disability + Mysterious Skin Condition


The Doctors: Overcoming A Disability

In a video for The Doctors a woman explained that she was depressed and for years would struggle to use her hands, because she didn’t know how to use her hands. She was unable to open and close them, and it’s all because of a car accident that put her in a wheelchair a few years ago. She would always wonder why me, but then she discovered a new way to do her makeup, although she still can’t dress herself or do her own hair. She knows that even in the darkest moments, there will always be a light.


The woman’s name is Jordan and she joined the show over the phone explaining that, although she’d been making videos for a while, she’d always gotten comments about her hands. She wanted to make something positive out it, which is why she showed people how she used to struggle, and how she overcame that in order to do her own makeup. She certainly does an incredible job with her makeup!

The Drs: Beauty Vlogger Disability + Mysterious Skin Condition

The Doctors helped a woman get the diagnosis she’s desperately needed after isolating herself because of a devastating skin condition. (cyberuly / Flickr)

Jordan said people need to believe in themselves and always know that it will get better.


The Doctors: Devastating Skin Condition

Speaking of beauty, The Doctors introduced a woman named Cari, who, according to most people, used to have the perfect life. She had a great husband, a great job, and was stunningly beautiful. But three and a half years ago, she got a skin condition on her face that looked as if she had cigarettes put out on her face. She went to the doctor and the infection calmed down for a bit, but then a short time later came back even worse. They would go away then flare up, over and over.

Cari has seen nine doctors and been prescribed ten different face washes and 15 different ointments, as well as nine different antibiotics. She cleans her sores ten times a day and spends 4-5 hours a day washing them. After her first infection, she lost her house, her job, and her husband left her. She isolates herself and her sister desperately wants her to just be happy again.

The Doctors: Recurring Skin Infections

Cari went to see Dr Sonia Batra and Dr Batra wanted to do some biopsies and draw some blood in order to see if they could figure out what was going on. Dr Batra was excited to share that Cari’s condition was treatable and they were going to work with her on it. The biopsies showed that Cari was suffering from eczema and then because that disrupts the barrier of the skin, secondary bacteria was getting in causing recurrent infections. Because Cari had been given acne medications, it was only making it worse because it was triggering the dryness and allergies.

She was going to give Cari a prescription medication including safer anti-inflammatory’s. She said allergy testing will also be helpful as well because they need to figure out what triggers Cari’s reaction. Cari was brought to tears, she was so thankful. She said she’s ready to have her life back. Someday soon it would all be resolved, which was exactly what Cari wanted to hear.


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