The Drs: Adrianne Curry Face Rash & Laser Procedure Tattoo Removal


The Doctors: Adrianne Curry Skin Rash

The Drs: Adrianne Curry Face Rash & Laser Procedure Tattoo Removal

The Doctors gave a hand to model Adrianne Curry after she developed a rash on her face and they also watched a tattoo removal happen in the studio.

Ever since winning the first season of America’s Next Top Model, Adrianne Curry has been in front of the camera every single day. But when a rash developed on her hand and spread to her face, she knew she needed to get it checked out. A model with a rash on her face is not going to get very many jobs.


She met with Dr. Will Kirby so see if he could take care of her rash.

She told him the rash started on her hand where it was a raised rash similar to poison ivy and then it just seemed to jump to her face after a couple days.Right away Dr. Kirby knew the rash was periodontal dermatitis which was caused by something she came in contact with.

When Curry knew what caused the rash, she knew it happened the last time when she went to the dentist. The dentist had rested his hand on her mouth when cleaning her teeth but Curry said she is allergic to latex gloves and his must have been latex.


Dr. Kirby gave her some steroid cream and antibiotic cream to clear up the rash and he told Dr. Travis Stork within a few days the rash was gone. He also commented that he was happy Curry came in because the bacteria on her skin was actually resistant to different medications and they had to take the time to find her the right treatment.

The Doctors: Tattoo Removal Using Lasers

Sara really hates the tattoo on the back of her neck so she turned to The Doctors for some help in removing it.

After looking at the tattoo, Dr. Kirby knew he could help Sara. He said it was in a great location to be removed and because of all the black ink, it should be easy to remove. He demonstrated how the laser breaks the bonds in the ink causing the tattoo to fade.

While much of her tattoo was removed during the procedure, he said it would take about 10 treatments before the tattoo was completely gone.

You can see how the procedure works in the video below.


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