The Doctors: VeinGogh “Vein Go” Remove Facial Veins: Andrew Ordon


Dr Andrew Ordon, fron The Doctors TV Show, demonstrated how to get rid of unsightly facial veins using a product called VeinGogh (pronounced Vein Go – clearly a play on the famous artist Van Gogh).  Dr Ordon brought onto The Drs a women who had a vein on the side of her face that she hated.  She said that she got self conscious whenever someone was sitting on that side of her and she was very excited to have it removed. The Drs Vein Go

The Drs: VeinGogh for Facial Veins

Dr Ordon demonstrated how to use the VeinGogh to remove unwanted facial veins.  It uses a fine needle with a high voltage and frequency to coagulate the blood and collapses the blood vessel.  Dr Andrew Ordon said that you can use the VeinGogh anywhere on your body, you see immediate results, and you generally only need to have one treatment.  VeinGogh is not a laser treatment or Sclerotherapy, so it is a completely different process.  He moved 1.5 mm at a time for each treatment to slowly remove the entire vein.  You can do the entire treatment during a lunch break in a matter of minutes.  VeinGogh is available in most parts of the country.  I wonder if it can be used for spider veins as well.  Best of all, the lady who Dr Ordon was demonstrating on said that she could barely feel it because the needle is so tiny.  And Dr Ordon said that another plus of VeinGogh is that the heat goes into the vein and does not damage the skin, like other treatments do.




  1. says

    I want to know if there is any Doctor in South Africa in the Eastern Province in Port Elizabeth that uses the VeinGogh system. Please let me know via my email address.


  2. louise says

    Hi Michelle

    Have you found out if there is a doctor doing this. I am also interested, I live in Western Cape

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