The Doctors: Ultra High-Profile Breast Implant Surgery


The Doctors: 10 Million Women Have Breast Implants

According to The Doctors TV show, a woman’s breasts weigh in at 1.5 pounds each.

While there are tons of bras and gadgets out there that claim to increase your breast size, the only real way to have bigger breasts is with breast implant surgery, and Dr. Andrew Ordon said that 10 million women agree with him. Sometimes, finding the perfect implants can be tricky.


The Doctors: High-Profile Breast Implant Surgery

The Doctors: Ultra High-Profile Breast Implant Surgery Review

If you have a narrow chest cavity and you’re looking for a larger but natural breast size, high-profile breast implant surgery may be right for you.

Viewer Melissa has been embarrassed by her small breasts for a long time. She’s been to several plastic surgeons that have told her that implants wouldn’t look natural on her because she has a shallow chest cavity. She asked The Doctors if there were any new advancements that would work for her.

Dr. Ordon found a custom solution for Melissa called high-profile breast implants. He said she’s a perfect candidate with her shallow chest. Dr. Ordon did very little cutting in her surgery, and used implants with a narrow diameter.


The Doctors: High-Profile Implants Have a More Narrow Base Diameter

Melissa appeared on The Drs. a little over a week after her surgery. She said she was feeling great and they showed a before and after of her in a bathing suit. There was a noticeable difference but they still looked natural on her.

Dr. Ordon said that the ultra high-profile breast implants have a smaller base diameter than regular implants, but have the same volume of 325 cc’s. He said if they used regular implants on her, she would have a look of Symmastia, where the breasts unnaturally touch. Check out Melissa’s results in the video below.


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