The Doctors TV Show: What Causes Cellulite? Cellulite Treatments


The Doctors TV Show was focused on the topic of Why Is My Body Changing. They answered all kinds of questions on topics from hair loss to cellulite to changes “down there.” The Drs TV Show spoke about Cellulite, which is never a welcome body change.  Cassandra, a 36 year old lady who works out every day and eats right does not understand why her body is changing.  All of a sudden she looked down one day and thought to herself, where did this cellulite come from? Dr Andrew Ordon Cellulite Treatments

The Doctors: What Causes Cellulite?

The Doctors said that most women get cellulite as they get older.  Dr Andrew Ordon gave a demonstration of what causes cellulite by showing a ball with a black mesh on the outside of it that represents collagen and elastin, which holds the fat in place.  As the collagen and elastin give way, the fat pops through the mesh dermis and you get a lumpy and bumpy cottage cheese appearance.


Dr Ordon said that the Number One Cause of Cellulite is sugar – your diet can cause cellulite!

The Doctors TV Show: Cellulite Treatments

The Doctors said that you can help to treat Cellulite by taking Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Antioxidants, and by applying cocoa butter and Vitamin E.  You can also eat antioxidant rich foods like kidney beans and blueberries.


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