The Doctors TV Show: Tattoos for Hair Loss for Male Pattern Baldness


The Doctors TV Show did a show called 10 Things I Hate About You, and one of their guests was a lady named Deborah who said that her friend hates that he is balding.  Thousands of men worry about their hair loss, and so The Drs TV Show brought on a Hair Restoration Specialist – Dr Paul McAndrews.

The Doctors TV Show: Male Pattern Baldness

Dr Paul McAndrews said that there are different causes of hair loss but that Dave has Androgenic Alopecia also known as Male The Doctors TV Show Hair TattooPattern Baldness, Androgenetic Alopecia and Alopecia Androgenetica.  Male Pattern Baldness is caused by genetics and / or hormones and cause your hair follicles to get smaller and smaller until you cannot see your hair anymore.  Dr McAndrews said that when you see a person with a bald, shiny head – he still has hair, but you just cannot see it anymore.


The Doctors TV Show: Baldness Cures

The Doctors: Baldness – Shave Your Head

Your first option is to just shave your head and embrace your baldness.

The Doctors: Baldness – Hair Pieces

Your second option is to use Hairpieces or products that can hide your baldness.

The Doctors: Baldness – Rogaine

Your third option is to use something like Rogaine or Propecia to slow or stop your Male Pattern Baldness, much like how toothpaste helps to slow down tooth disease and decay.  Dr McAndrews said that if you are on these medications and they are not quite working how you want them to, you should keep on them because it can help it to down the road.


The Doctors: Baldness – Hair Transplants

Your fourth option is a surgical option for hair loss like Hair Transplants, where the doctor takes good thick hair from the back of your head and transfers it to the balding area on the top.  Hair Transplants can help your hair looks completely natural for the rest of your life.

The Doctors: Hair Tattoos for Hair Loss

The Doctors TV Show said that there is one other option for hair loss, but you have to shave your entire head or be bald in order to consider the option.  After your head is bald, you can have a Hair Tattoo to make it look like you have hair on top of your head and to minimize your receding hair line.  Dave said that of all of these options, he prefers Hair Transplants and so Dr Paul McAndrews agreed to give him Hair Transplants for free!


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