The Doctors TV Show: Pimple Remedy with Eye Drops Removes Redness


The Doctors TV Show today was focused on encouraging us to Find Out What’s Wrong and Fix It.  I absolutely love Natural Home Remedies, and so I loved the segments that spoke about The Doctors Cough Remedy, an Eye Drop Pimple Remedy and a Frozen Q-Tip Puffy Eye Remedy.The Doctors Pimple Remedy

The Doctors Pimple Remedy

Dr Andrew Ordon said that one of his favorite skin secrets is actually an old Hollywood makeup artist trick.  You can use Over-The-Counter Eyedrops like Visine to make your pimples less noticeable. Eyedrops are an anti-inflammatory (so they make the swelling of your pimples go down), plus the eyedrops suck the redness out of the pimple, just like they can suck the redness out of your eyes. Dr Ordron said you will look better in minutes! Here is more about the Visine Acne Remedy



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