The Doctors TV Show: Olay Pro-X vs Spa Microdermabrasion Treatment


The Doctors TV Show discussed the pros and cons of the Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System vs a Professional Microdermabrasion Treatment.  Both are great Exfoliating Treatments, but is it really worth the extra money to have a Spa Microdermabrasion Treatment?  Or are you just as good by using the Olay Pro-X spinning brush several times a week?

The Drs TV Show: Exfoliation Treatments

Dr Andrew Ordon said that exfoliation is important for several reasons.  Your skin naturally produces oil – some people produce more oil than others.  Now add to The Doctors TV Show Olay Pro-Xthat the dirt, pollution and dust in our environment, and layer on top of that makeup.  All of these things combine and get trapped in your pores, and when you try to clean it off, Dr Drew Ordon showed that it just gets shoved deeper and deeper into your pores.  That is why you must first exfoliate and then do a deep cleansing treatment.


The Doctors TV: Microdermabrasion Treatment

Dr Andrew Ordon gets his Microdermabrasion Treatments done at Rock Spa in Beverly Hills, California.  They use a professional microdermabrasion device that breaks up the outer layer of your skin and suctions up the pores to clean everything out.  Dr Ordon said that generally you will need around 10 of these treatments, and each Microdermabrasion session ranges from $100 – $300.

The Drs: Olay Pro-X Face Brush

Dr Andrew Ordon said that the second option is to use something like the Olay Pro-X Advanced Cleansing System, which is a rotary brush for scrubbing your face.  You first apply cream to your face, and then you apply the brush to your face once a day or at least a few times a week.  Dr Ordon said that with the Spa Microdermabrasion treatment you are getting a lot more since the tool is more powerful, but if you get into a routine of using the Olay Pro-X Rotary Brush, then you can get similar results as you would with the more expensive Professional Microdermabrasion Treatment.


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