The Doctors TV Show: Neova DNA Cream for Age Spots


The Doctors TV Show today was focused on answering the question of How to Reverse Your Biggest Body Problems.  One of the fabulous products shown on The Drs TV Show was Neova DNA Cream, which is a cream that lightens and removes age spots.

The Doctors: Neova DNA Cream for Age Spots

It is a question that everyone faces at some point – How can I reverse age spots?  Dr Andrew Ordon said that age spots are the The Doctors Age Spot Creambrown or dark colored pigmentation that we get on our face, arms, and hands as we age.  Neova DNA Cream is a product that helps to remove age spots.  Neova DNA Cream claims to repair damaged DNA through specific enzymes, and so Dr Ordon had a lady test it out for two weeks.  She saw major improvements and said that all of her age spots lightened and one particularly dark one almost disappeared entirely.  Dr Andrew said he has not really looked at the science behind Neova DNA Cream, but that it seems to have worked for his test patient in just two weeks.  Neova DNA Cream is also supposed to help remove fine lines and improve the texture of your skin while reducing the size of your pores.  Dr Andrew Ordon said that all of the ingredients in Neova DNA Cream seem to be natural and it does not seem like there is any downside to trying it because there is nothing exfoliating or peeling the skin and no de-pigmentation ingredients.  Dr Ordon said that free radicals cause oxidation in our cells, so you want to use antioxidants to repair DNA which is apparently what Neova DNA Cream tries to do.



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