The Doctors TV Show: Facial Exercise, Cynthia Rowland & Eye Lift


The Doctors TV Show did a show called 24 Hours to Stop 24 Things. Numbers 23 and 24 on the list of things to stop include a Face Exercise and Eye Lift by Cynthia Rowland, author of The Magic of Facial Exercise.  And, of course, The Drs TV Show brought on Cynthia Rowland to give some advice.

The Doctors: Facial Exercise

The Doctors said that Cynthia Rowland is a Facial Fitness Expert who uses Face Exercises to keep everyone’s face looking young and vital.  Rather than spending The Doctors Face Exercisetons of money on products or surgeries like Botox, you can do Facial Exercises to reverse the aging in your face by 5-10 years in just a few minutes a day.  The before and after photo of a lady who did these Face Exercises was truly impressive.  Here is one Face Exercise that Cynthia Rowland recommends as part of her Isometric Resistance Training for your face.


The Doctors & Cynthia Rowland: Eye Lift Exercise

Cynthia Rowland said that you should place White Cotton Gloves on your hands and then place your fingertips under your eyebrows.  Drop your palms toward your face and push your eyebrows straight up and slightly out towards your temples.  Then use your forehead muscles to push down towards your fingertips.  Keep your eyes open and look straight ahead as you count from 1-8 slowly, and then close your eyes as you count from 8-10.  Cynthia Rowland said that this works even if you have had lots of botox.

The Doctors: #24 Things to Stop Today

The Doctors very last tip of things to stop today were actually four tips in one.  Dr Andrew Ordon said that you should stay out of the sun.  Dr Jim Sears said that you should log off of your computer for 24 hours and play board games and talk with your family.  Dr Lisa Masterson said that you should skip candy for 24 hours.  Dr Travis Stork said that you should get rid of negative emotions and stay positive for 24 hours straight.  All great for your health!


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