The Doctors: Toddlers Swearing & Renee Graziano Update


The Doctors: Mob Wives Renee Graziano Update

The Doctors helped their guests break through procrastination, by hypnotherapy for addiction and a wedding weight loss confrontation. When you have a medical emergency, procrastination can of course make the problems much worse. That’s what happened to Mob Wives star Renee Graziano, who shared her Botched Plastic Surgery horror story. Now she and her doctor, Michael Fiorillo, had an update on her story. Also, discover the age where parents have to be concerned about toddlers swearing.

The Drs TV: Plastic Surgeon Michael Fiorillo

Toddlers Swearing & Renee Graziano Update: The Drs

Mob Wives star Renee Graziano gave an update on her recovery after botched plastic surgery, and The Drs addressed toddlers swearing. (August Fairchild /


Dr Travis Stork said that surgeries can go wrong, and having multiple procedures increases the risk of complications. But he said the silver lining is that sometimes there is an opportunity to make things right.

“When I first got involved…, I was confused why she had a body lift, because that’s more for weight loss,” Dr Michael Fiorillo said. He recalled her lemon-sized wound and the dead tissue in her back, calling it an infected stage 4 wound.

Renee Graziano had a MERSA infection and was on IV antibiotics for over two months. “We got it to the point where it eventually healed on its own, but it did take about three months,” Dr Fiorillo said.


Renee Graziano Corrective Surgery

The skin in Renee’s problem area is “paper thin” and it sometimes hurts her to simply sit down. He wanted to wait for her to heal more before performing a “flat procedure” to smooth out her back.

She said she is scared, but is confident in Dr Fiorillo’s abilities. The crazy part is that after her corrective procedure, she will have to stay off her back for a couple weeks.

The Doctors: Toddlers Swearing

A concerned mom contacted The Doctors because she said her children are often exposed to adult language. She wanted to know the age at which children begin to retain the language that adults are using around them.

Pediatrician Dr Jim Sears said that children can begin retaining language around age 2. Your kids could be mimicking your potty mouth earlier than you think.

The Drs TV: Procrastination

Dr Travis Stork shared a final thought about the topic of Procrastination. “It is OK sometimes to put things off till next week, if it’s not important, and enjoy today,” he said. “But when it comes to your health, I urge you to avoid procrastinating.”

That’s advice your doctor would probably agree with.


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