The Doctors: Spironolactone Hormonal Acne Treatment


The Drs: Acne Treatment & Hormones

If you watch a lot of cable TV, you’ve probably seen commercials featuring celebrities and musicians, touting the latest acne treatments. Some people get great relief from these types of products, but they don’t work in every case.

A young woman named Lisa is suffering from bad acne, and she thinks the cause may be hormonal. She can’t find relief with over the counter approaches, and wonders how to know if it is actually hormonal, and what she can do about that.


The Drs: Acne & Hormones

If topical treatments aren't clearing up your acne, you may need a hormone blocker.

The Doctors: Hormonal Acne Treatments

Lisa and her dermatologist, Dr. Howard Liu, joined Dr. Travis Stork in the studio to discuss Hormones & Acne. Dr. Liu said you can tell just by the distribution of acne whether it could be hormonal. Lisa’s Acne was concentrated on the jaw, chin, and neck, in the area where a man would grow a beard.

Women are also sensitive to hormones in this area. Lisa’s Acne won’t respond to topical treatments because the hormonal oils are deep in the hair follicles. Dr. Liu said those medications weren’t treating the cause of her acne.


The Doctors: Acne Hormone Therapy

Hormone Therapy, such as the Birth Control Pill or a Hormone Blocker such as Spironolactone, could decrease the oil production, which should help to clear up the symptoms. Dr. Liu said Lisa is a good candidate for Hormone Replacement Therapy.

Dr. Liu showed Before And After pictures of a patient who treated a similar case of Acne. Her face cleared up after about three months of treatment. Dr. Liu offered to treat Lisa’s Acne free of charge.

The Doctors: Orexin Hormone

Dr. Travis said most people haven’t heard of a hormone that could be affecting your weight. it’s called Orexin, and it’s a newly discovered element that could affect obesity, diabetes, and related conditions. It’s a hormone produced by exercise, and it converts White Fat into Brown Fat.

The Doctors: Brown Fat vs White Fat

Brown Fat keeps us warm and burns calories, as opposed to White Fat, which has negative physiological effects. Scientists are in the early stages of developing a hormone pill that could spur weight loss without exercise.

But Dr. Travis stressed that no pill or supplement can replace the plentiful positive effects of diet and exercise. He said hormones are your body’s messengers, and staying healthy is the best strategy for keeping them properly balanced.



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