The Doctors: Severe Eczema + MRSA Diagnosis & Treatment


The Doctors: Out-Of-Control Severe Eczema

Briana, a 26-year-old, was experiencing small cases of eczema, that kept recurring, until it became a total skin nightmare. Growing up, Briana constantly dealt with eczema. She got into dance when she was five, dancing all the way through high school until she made a career out of it, becoming a cruise-line performer. While living on board, the conditions were really tough on her sensitive skin. Her face, chest, legs, and back were covered with rashes.


She was told she had caught a fungus and was prescribed a topical steroid. Her conditon became manageable until a year ago when she decided she didn’t want the medication anymore, so she stopped uing it. She got a bad rash all over her body as well as swelling and foul-smelling pus. Anytime she said she thought it was because of the steroids, her doctors would tell her it wasn’t possible. She ultimately shaved her head because her scalp had so much flaky skin, that she could pull the skin off and the hair would come with it.

The Doctors: Severe Eczema + MRSA Diagnosis & Treatment

The Doctors helped a young woman who has been battling a severe case of eczema for years, finally get a much-needed MRSA diagnosis. (vshioshvili / Flickr)


The Doctors: Life Ruined By Severe Skin Condition

Briana joined the show via Skype, explaining that the hardest part for her was practically losing control of her life. She had a great job and married the man of her dreams, but it was all taken away and she was left with a huge amount of emotional pain and big financial burdens. Briana wrote into the show, and they knew they needed to help her, so they sent her to see board-certified dermatologist Dr Sonia Batra.

Briana explained to Dr Batra that she was using the steroids twice a week as well as taking an antibiotic and anti-fungal every day. No one ever took a culture or biopsy, saying that she just needed to go back on the steroids. Briana did some research on her own and found topical steroid withdrawal, seeing that she matched all the pictures of it.

Dr Batra did a culture swab, worried that she could have a secondary bacteria that was fueling the inflammation.

The Doctors: MRSA Diagnosis

Dr Batra also joined the show via Skype, explaining that Briana certainly had long-standing severe atopic dermatitis or eczema. She said steroids are great in a quick fix, but when they did a culture, Dr Batra found that Briana had a resistant form of bacteria called MRSA. She had never been placed on the right antibiotics. Dr Batra recommended Briana stop using the steroids and instead start using prescription-strength barrier creams and the right maintenance regimen.

Briana said she felt incredible and reassured.


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