The Doctors: Rapid Recovery Breast Implants with Botox Review


The Drs TV: Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation Surgery Procedure

Plastic surgeon Dr. Matthew Schulman took viewers into the operating room for a Rapid Recovery Breast Augmentation Surgery. He explained that it is a four-part process.

First, there is an injection of long lasting local anesthetic, which will last through the first night after a surgery. Next is an injection of Botox in the pec muscles, to reduce post-surgical pain while creating a more natural look.


The Drs: Botox Breast Implants

The Doctors learned about a new Breast Implant procedure using Botox for better results and faster recovery time.

Rapid Recovery Breast Implants Review

Third, Dr. Schulman will use a Keller Funnel to insert the implant through a much smaller incision than a typical implant surgery. “Less trauma means less pain, and the implant just goes right in,” he said.

Finally, the patient will use LED light therapy at home following the surgery. “She puts it on her breasts after surgery for about a week, a few times a day,” Dr. Schulman said. This will reduce bruising and swelling, for faster recovery.


The Doctors: Rapid Recovery Breast Surgery Results

In the studio, Dr. Andrew Ordon greeted Dr. Schulman and his patient. Dr. Andrew said he’s been doing Breast Implants since the 1980s, and this is a significant advance. He asked what made Dr. Schulman think to add Botox into the mix.

“I took what you and I both love about Botox and applied it to the most common cosmetic surgery procedure in this country, which is breast implants,” he explained. The Botox helps the muscle relax, letting the implant drop into position faster while reducing pain.

Dr. Andrew said that implants typically sit high because muscles are tight. Dr. Travis Stork asked what happens when the Botox wears off. Dr. Schulman explained that the timing is perfect, because “when it wears off, your implant is where it’s supposed to be, and everything’s great.”

Breast Botox

Using an animation, Dr. Schulman reviewed the procedure. Creating a pocket under the muscle helps target the Botox injection, as well as the funnel insert of the implant. The injection is 80 units of Botox, which sounds high, but is a safe level according to the physician.

His patient, Aline, said she feels great and appreciates the natural appearance of her implants. “It doesn’t look fake,” she said.

In Before & After pictures, Dr. Schulman showed Aline’s progress over just one month, which he said were the results you would expect four months after a traditional implant procedure.

I guess if there’s a way to make the process easier for patients, this is going to be successful. It’s an interesting innovation in a process I wouldn’t think sees much change over the years.

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