The Doctors: Power Chain Teeth Gap Braces & Eyelash Extensions


The Doctors: Eyelash Extensions

Lily has thin eyelashes, and she’s tried many unsuccessful ways to enhance them. Now she’s in the procedure room to get help from The Doctors. Dr. Andrew Ordon explained that, while Lily was born with “less than luscious lashes,” but in others thinning eyelashes could be a sign of cancer, nutritional problems, or hyperthyroid.

Dionne Phillips is an Aesthetician and Lash Expert. She explained how she lengthened Lily’s eyelashes by attaching silk fiber hairs to her existing lashes. It requires steady hands to dip the fiber in the adhesive and expertly attach it to an existing lash.


The Doctors: Power Chain Gap Braces

New Power Chain braces can fix a gap between your teeth in just one week.

The Drs TV: Eyelash Extensions Review

Lily showed off her new, fuller eyebrows after her procedure. Dionne said eyelashes are customized in different sizes and thicknesses depending on individual wants and needs. These extensions last six to eight weeks, and they’re hypoallergenic and waterproof.

Using the wrong eyelashes or improper applications can actually harm your natural lashes. But finding a trusted technician who uses sterile tools and procedures can help you get the look you want.


Power Chain Procedure Review

Some celebrities embrace the gap between their teeth. But many people want to close that gap. Sonya is one of those people, and she took advantage of a new treatment from Dr. Bill Dorfman to close the gap between her teeth within a week.

The process is similar to braces, which are put on the back of the front teeth. Elastic is used to pull the teeth together. I had braces as a teenager, but they were on the front of my teeth. I never knew you could do them on the back of your teeth, or that it could take weeks instead of years.

The Doctors: Power Chain Gap Braces

After a week, Sonya showed off her new, gap-free smile. Dr. Bill Dorfman explained that gapped teeth can be genetic, or environmental, as in kids who suck their thumbs. Previously, Dr. Dorfman said dentists would use veneers to close the gap.

But now you can use the invisible elastic orthodontic Power Chain. Sonya said it didn’t hurt at all, and Dr. Dorfman said you can close gaps at a rate of two to three millimeters a week. But teeth want to migrate back to their original positions. He said that you can wear a retainer for a couple years, or bond a wire behind the teeth for about one year.



  1. SW says

    It bugs me when important, obvious questions are not addressed when a procedure like the “Power Chain” is presented: How on earth were the teeth of the gal on this show pulled together without leaving so much as a trace of space on the outer sides of the teeth that were moved??? I froze the pics on the TV and stared at the results, and for the life of me I don’t understand it. Literally, the teeth are all shoulder to shoulder with one another with absolutely no trace of space at all… Fishy.

    • Kristie says

      I actually just watched this show last week. I also paused the pictures and one thing was VERY obvious to me. That was most definitely not all she had done…because of this it makes me question the whole thing since it wasn’t mentioned. Her teeth were obviously whitened (no surprise there) but the thing that caught my attention was a whiter looking area in the very middle of her front two teeth where they were supposed to have been pulled together. In fact, it looked more like they had been bonded. When I froze it and looked more, I could also tell that other work had been done because the bottom of her teeth were evened out and even her bottom teeth were straight when in the original pic, they were leaning. If other stuff was done, they should have mentioned it. Otherwise, it makes me question what they presented as a simple little procedure being done at all when so many other changes were obviously done. It just makes me wonder how many other “procedures” on their show aren’t really what they are presented to be?

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