The Doctors: PinPointe Laser Treatment Review for Toenail Fungus


The Doctors: Green Toenail Fungus

Toenail fungus is a common problem, but what happens when it doesn’t go away? Garrett has been fighting a green toenail fungus for years, and nothing he has tried seems to make it go away.

Dr. Andrew Ordon and dermatologist Dr. Ava Shamban have a new laser treatment that will eradicate persistent toe fungus.


“This PinPointe laser is heaven-sent for all of us who suffer from terrible toenail fungus,” Dr. Ava said. “The problem is because the fungus is in the nail plate and the nail bed, it’s so hard to treat with creams.”

The Drs: Toe Fungus

If you have a persistent toenail fungus, laser treatment could work for you.

The Drs TV: PinPointe Toe Fungus Laser Treatment Review

Everyone put on their protective goggles and Dr. Ava used the pulsing laser to treat Garrett’s toe. This is a painless procedure, though it will take some time for the fungus to clear up after this treatment. Garrett said he couldn’t feel anything during the treatment procedure.


“What’s really important is not to get re-infected,” Dr. Ava said. She said to fully clear this up, Garrett would need two or three treatments, with four to six weeks in between.

How Toenails Heal & Regrow

The treatment takes just minutes to perform. But the results happen over time, because as Dr. Andrew explained, healthy toenails will grow through the treated nail bed area.

I think The Doctors would agree that our fingernails and toenails are some of the strangest parts of our bodies. They’re not like anything else we have to take care of. As a kid, I smashed my fingernail with a hammer and it fell off, only to completely regenerate within a short time.

The Doctor: Toe Fungus Laser Before and After

Dr. Andrew shared some Before and After photos of what Garrett can expect after completing all his treatments.

“The before picture is cloudy. It’s discolored, yellow greenish tint,” he said. “And then finally, a few months later, everything has cleared. The nail has grown through the nail bed, and it’s nice and clear.”

How To Avoid Foot Fungus

You can avoid foot fungus by skipping public locker rooms, gyms, and spas. Wearing sandals or clean, dry socks can also keep fungus at bay. Airing out your shoes is also a good way to prevent exposure or growth of foot fungus, according to Dr. Andrew.

Have you ever struggled with foot fungus or Athlete’s Foot? What treatments worked for you?



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