The Doctors: Phthalates Cause Diabetes? Check Your Cosmetics


The Doctors: Phthalates Are in Many Beauty Products

The Doctors: Phthalates Cause Diabetes? Check Your Cosmetics

Some beauty products could contain chemical Phthalates, which can cause health problems like diabetes. It’s very important to check the label before you buy a product so you know what you’re putting on your body.

According to certain studies, the beauty routine you use could double your risk of diabetes. A chemical found in containers of hair sprays, lotions, gels and self-tanners called Phthalate can effect your hormones, your metabolism and your diabetes risk.


Some names and common uses of Phthalates are:

  • DEP or Diethyl Phthalate, found in deodorant, perfume, cologne, shampoo, hair gel and hand lotion
  • DBP or Di-n-butyl Phthalate, found in nail polish and other personal care products
  • BzBP or Benzyl Butyl Phthalate, found in vinyl flooring and car-car products

Dr. Travis Stork said to check the labels on your beauty products the same way you check food labels. You want to look for any sort of Phthalates. They can also be hidden in the term “fragrance.”

With more natural products, you should be able to avoid Phthalates.


The Doctors: Balloons Are a Choking Risk for Children

Most parents know to keep medicines and medical supplies in a high-up cabinet away from their children, but a closet filled with party supplies could lead to trouble.

Dr. Jim Sears said that balloons can be potential choking hazards for children, because they don’t know how to blow them up. He said when you’re child-proofing your house, get down on a child’s level and see if there’s anything tiny that could be something to choke on.

Dr. Travis Stork recommended that everyone check their closets when they get home tonight to make sure there are no fire hazards near light bulbs.


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