The Doctors: Peanut Butter vs Shaving Cream & Pepto-Bismol Acne Wash


The Doctors: Royal Insect Secretions To Get Rid Of Cellulite

Which famous pop star do you think allegedly uses royal insect secretions to keep her cellulite at bay?

  • Madonna
  • Britney Spears
  • Lady Gaga

The right answer is Madonna.


Dr. Jim Sears said royal insect secretions come from worker bees who make the jelly-like substance for the queen. He said it works great for cellulite because it increases circulation in the area it is applied to, thus allowing more blood flow and less cellulite.

Men Account For 33% Of Beauty Industry Sales

While women might be the fuel behind the $8 billion beauty industry, men account for about 33 percent of those numbers. In the last year alone the number of male grooming products on the market went up 22 percent and the number of men getting manicures, compared to last year, jumped 26 percent.


The Doctors: Peanut Butter vs Shaving Cream & Pepto-Bismol Acne Wash

The Doctors went over some male grooming tips like using peanut butter as an alternative to shaving cream and using Pepto-Bismol for an acne wash.

Can You Shave With Peanut Butter?

The Doctors didn’t want to just give women the best beauty deals they could find. They also had some cheap beauty alternatives for men.

Hart said he has dry skin issues and his girlfriend wants him to take care of it. Dr. Andrew Ordon said that would be easy to do with some peanut butter and a razor. Just rub the peanut butter on your face and use it as an alternative to shaving cream. The peanut butter will moisturize the skin and keep it from drying out over the course of the day.

Anti-Acne Facial With Pepto-Bismol

Molly complained to The Doctors that her boyfriend, Wade, breaks out all the time because he only uses soap and water to wash his face.

Dr. Ordon had a solution for their problem: Pepto-Bismol. He said Pepto-Bismol works like a natural anti-acne face wash. Just brush some of the product onto your face and allow the product to sit for about 15 minutes before washing it off. Dr. Ordon said the salicylic acid in the Pepto-Bismol is the same active ingredient in many acne products, meaning your pores are going to be cleaned out instead of your wallet.

The Doctors: Alpha Nail Polish For Men

Clean Slate nail polish has come out with a new kind of nail polish for men called Alpha Nail. This macho nail polish comes in colors like burning rubber, concrete and gasoline. Check out the video below to see how good the nail polish looked on Dr. Sears.


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