The Doctors: New Wrinkle Busting Solutions


Dr. Andrew Ordon: Wrinkle Fighting Foods

Sweet Potatoes

Dr. Andrew Ordon said not to feel guilty about indulging in Sweet Potatoes over the holidays. One Sweet Potato has more than 400% of your body’s daily needs for Vitamin A, and 40% of your needed Vitamin C, which fight free radicals and wrinkles. He did suggest laying off the brown sugar and marshmallows.

Winter Squash

Winter Squash is also a great source of Vitamins A & C.


The spice Tumeric can prevent sun-related skin damage.


Omega 3s in salmon moisturize your skin. One study found that eating just 5 ounces of salmon per week can lower your risk of precancerous skin lesions by 30%. Salmon is an antioxidant that is important for tissue elasticity.


  1. Karen Roth says

    What can you do for terribly wrinkled skin under your arms and legs is there any crème or procedure you can do. I also have dry flaking skin that sheds all over I have tried all kinds of dry skin moisturizers.

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