The Doctors: Natural Skin Bleach Recipe & How To Gain Weight


The Doctors NYC: Beauty Advice

If you ran into a doctor on the street, would you take the opportunity to get some free advice? That’s exactly what dozens of New Yorkers did when The Doctors came to town, dishing out advice about the Coffee Grounds Cellulite Remedy and how Laughter Lowers Stress. Read on for more Dark Circles Remedies such as the Natural Skin Bleach Recipe, How To Gain Weight, and advice on Breast Reconstruction and Tummy Tucks.

From New York City’s Battery Park, a woman said she loves enjoying the outdoors and being close to the water. But she wanted to know what she can do about the effects of humidity on her hair. “Right now, it’s straight. But give it about five minutes, and it’ll be frizzy and puffy and wavy and tangled,” she said.


Natural Skin Bleach Recipe: The Doctors

The Doctors NYC Q&A featured a Natural Skin Bleach recipe & remedies for dark eye circles & skin spots.

Dr Travis Stork said that your hair actually gets longer when exposed to high humidity, which is the reason behind your frizzy and frazzled ends. Surprisingly, the connection is so strong that you can use hair to measure humidity.

He said that keeping moisture out of the hair by using “moisturizing conditioners and serums.”


The Doctors: How To Lose The Last 5 Pounds

As one of the world’s fashion capitals, New York City is a great place to spot hot trends, to see and be seen. But according to The Doctors, you can look great without going broke. They hit the streets to dispense more beauty advice.

First, Dr Travis crashed an outdoor exercise class, explaining that shaking up your workout routine can help you break through to your goal weight and drop those last few pounds. He liked the class, which worked a variety of body areas using dynamic movements.

The body has many different muscles we can work, and diet is a factor as well. If you’re looking for different results, try something different in your daily process.

The Drs TV: Dark Circles Remedies

Dr Andrew Ordon met an aspiring actor who had a big beauty problem. Just like his mother and grandmother, he had dark circles under his eyes. Dr Ordon suggested a fade cream, but advised that you have to use them twice a day over a period of months. Bleaching cream might also work, he said. Or you can try putting cucumber slices under the eyes.

The Doctors: Baby Teeth & Age

A concerned mom asked Dr Jim Sears why her one-year-old doesn’t have any teeth yet. But he put her fears to rest, saying this is normal for a 12-month-old not to have teeth. But by about 15 months, it might be time to check in with your pediatrician. (On the other hand, babies can start sprouting teeth around three months old!)

The Drs TV: Tummy Tuck Cosmetic Surgery

A woman who had a tummy tuck wondered about her options for further elective beauty procedures. Dr Andrew Ordon said that in many cases it’s hard to remove all the fat in a single surgery, so patients often return for follow up procedures. He said you can do additional procedures in as early as a few months after a Tummy Tuck.

Weight gain is a concern in many cases, because it can undo the results of the original procedure. “Try to stay at a stable weight,” he advised.

The Doctors: Dark Skin Spots

A woman asked Dr Lisa Masterson why, after a lifetime of good complexion, she’s noticing dark skin spots now that she is in her 40s. (She didn’t look like she was in her 40s, so she must be doing something right.) Dr Lisa said genetics and hormones can really have an impact on the skin. She suggested a cleanser routine using glycolic or hydroxy acid.

The Drs TV: Natural Skin Bleach Recipe

Alternatively, you can try creating your own natural skin bleach using a mixture of yogurt and honey.

The Doctors: Breast Cancer Reconstruction

Dr Andrew Ordon talked with a woman who wanted to know if it’s possible to wait too long to have Breast Reconstruction after a Mastectomy. He said there’s nothing to worry about, and actually waiting longer can give scar tissue a chance to heal naturally, meaning a faster recovery time.

Though you can do it at the same time as a Mastectomy, Dr Ordon said waiting actually lowers the risk of infection or complications.

The Drs: How To Gain Weight

Though the team has spent countless hours talking about how to lose weight, one man asked how to gain weight and bulk up his frame. Dr Andrew suggested weight training and exercise. But he said the key is doing low reps of heavy weights.

Protein supplements could make a difference in the diet plan, balancing carbs and fats to get best results. Dr Travis Stork said to skip fast food, which won’t really help you build muscle.


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