The Doctors: Luminess Air Spray On Makeup & Nouveau Brow Thickener


The Doctors did a segment on how you can hide your skin flaws without caking on makeup with super fast fixes like the Luminess Air system to Airbrush Makeup onto your skin and the Nouveau Brow product for thickening eyebrows.  I have seen the Luminess Air makeup used at a wedding, and the bride looked absolutely flawless.  I am so excited to see that it is now available for the public – I will have to try itThe Doctors Spray On Makeup!

The Doctors: Luminess Air Makeup

The Drs brought on Nina Sutton, a beauty expert, to demonstrate how to use the Luminess Airbrush system on a volunteer, who like 17 million people in the US have an acne problem.  Makeup does not help when you have acne.  The advantage of spraying on the makeup instead of caking on a liquid foundation is that a little makeup goes a long way.  So you can cover up the acne without clogging your pores.  The Luminess Air machine uses a mineral formula of Spray On makeup that is good for sensitive skin and is very hygienic.


How to Apply Luminess Air Spray On Makeup:

1.  Pour a little makeup into the Luminess Air system.

2.  Hold the brush a few inches from your face.

3.  Lightly coat your skin with the makeup.


The Luminess Air makeup feels very light weight and refreshing and covers skin discolorations and acne perfectly.  You can also apply blush and bronzers with the Luminess Air system.

The Doctors: Nouveau Brow Eyebrow Thickener

The Drs brought another lady on the show who said she wants thicker eyebrows because hers are so thin.  Nina Sutton shower her a product called Nouveau Brow which is a formula of peptides and moisturizers that help eyebrows to grow in fuller and thicker.  So if you over-pluck your eyebrows or have thinning eyebrows from hormonal changes, Nouveau Brow helps your eyebrow to grow back thicker.  It takes 3-4 weeks for it to work, and then you just have to use it a couple of times a week.



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