The Doctors: Liquid Soap Vs Bar Soap | Liquid Vs Mineral Makeup


The Doctors: Liquid Vitamins Vs Pill Vitamins

Do you take Vitamins as part of your daily health routine? Which Vitamins are better for you: Liquid or Pill form?

Dr. Travis Stork said Liquid Vitamins could be absorbed more quickly, but it can be hard to manage the appropriate dosage, and some people cannot stomach the taste of liquid vitamins.


“Treat Vitamins like any other medicine you take,” Dr. Travis said, mentioning that you should discuss everything you are taking with your doctor.

The Drs TV: Liquid Vs Bar Soap

Do you use liquid or bar soap in the shower? Which one is better for your skin?

Vitamins & Birth Defects

Dr. Lisa Masterson said this is especially true for pregnant women, because high doses of some things like Vitamin A can cause birth defects.


The Doctors said they do not take any Vitamin supplements, getting the Vitamins they need solely from nutritional sources.

Liquid Soap Vs Bar Soap

Dr. Andrew Ordon tackled the choice between Liquid Soap and Bar Soap. He said that Liquid Soap or Body Wash has higher moisture than Bar Soap, which can help to moisturize your skin. Liquid Soap is also generally milder than Bar Soap.

The advantage of Bar Soap is that it is more abrasive, which can help to exfoliate the skin. But in general, Dr. Andrew recommends Liquid Soap or Body Wash for your bath or shower routine.

Liquid Makeup Vs Mineral Makeup

Dr. Andrew said that Liquid Makeup could have more skin moisturizing effects, but Mineral Makeup could probably create a more natural, blended look. He recommended choosing a product that offers some sun protection for your skin.

He said that many Mineral Makeup companies claim to be natural, but you should read the label to make sure you know what you are getting, and avoid any allergens you might find among the ingredients.

Liquid Vs Powdered Baby Formula

Dr. Jim Sears tackled the debate between Liquid and Powdered Baby Formula.

“Breastfeeding is far superior, so try to do that,” he suggested. Read about Breastfeeding With Implants.

He said that formulas are roughly nutritionally equivalent. Powder formula is cheaper, but the premixed formula can be more convenient when you are on the go.


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