The Doctors: Liquid Face Lift Oral Injections


The Doctors: Liquid Face Lift

Dr. Andrew Ordon demonstrated an easy new approach to Face Lifts. It’s a liquid process and the results are nearly instantaneous.

Patient Janice is naturally losing some volume in her face, as a part of aging. Dr. Anita Patel of Roxbury Associates helped Dr. Andrew perform Janice’s procedure, also called a Space Lift.


The Doctors: Liquid Face Lift

There is a new nonsurgical Face Lift alternative that uses injections to stimulate collagen production.

The Doctors: Liquid Space Lift Face Lift

Dr. Andrew said he was using a natural lactic acid filler substance. Deep injections at the bone are intended to create lasting, natural looking facial enhancement.

There is no cutting and there are no marks left on the skin, because the procedure is performed through the mouth by use of oral injections. It’s like an inside out trip to the dentist for your face.


Audience members and Dr. Jim Sears made the same horrified faces that I did while watching Dr. Andrew give Janice the injections through her open mouth.

Liquid Face Lift Collagen Production

Dr. Andrew showed how the injection can be instantly molded after injection to create an even appearance and effect.

Also, Dr. Anita said this is a viable option for people who don’t want to go under the knife, and the appearance actually improves with time because it stimulates the body’s natural collagen production.

Liquid Face Lift Before & After

Dr. Andrew Ordon said there was virtually no healing time. Before and After shots showed how just 10 ccs of injection accentuated and enhanced her natural facial appearance. He said the results of this procedure can last about one year.

“There’s no bleeding. There’s no marks on the skin. She’s not going to have any bruising,” he said. That’s because the injections go deep, to the bone level.

Liquid Face Lift Injections Results

Dr. Travis Stork shared Before and After pictures of other patients, where injections were used along the jawline in addition to the cheekbone area. After pictures of Janice showed additional improvement two weeks after her injections, just as Dr. Anita had explained.

Would you consider this treatment? It definitely seems like a less invasive approach as opposed to going under the knife.


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