The Doctors Lazerlift Procedure, No Knife, Anesthesia or Sutures

The Doctors: Lazerlift Procedure

The Doctors TV show had a visit from Seleina, 57, who said she has been bothered by her chin for a long time. She said she does not like the loose skin under her neck and feared it was so distasteful that other people stare at it when she is out. She said she would often pull back her loose neck skin while looking in the mirror to simulate a face-lift. But, after consulting with numerous doctors, she was still unsure if she wanted to go under the knife.

After some searching she was able to find Dr. Roger Bassin, a cosmetic surgeon who said her best option would be the Lazerlift. He explained the Lazerlift is a laser procedure that doesn’t require anesthesia, fillers or sutures. The patient is also awake during the entire procedure, which often times makes the patient more at ease about the procedure.

The Doctors Lazerlift Procedure, No Knife, Anesthesia or Sutures

The Doctors talked with a woman who did not like her chin and had a knife-less, scar-less and invasive-less laser surgery on her chin called Lazerlift.

The Drs: How Does Lazerlift Procedure Work?

The Doctors showed a video of the procedure happening and it did not look like Seleina was in any pain at all. Dr. Bassin said they first make a tiny injection in the chin and ears, put a few holes in the skin so small they will heal on their own and put some numbing fluid under the skin. He then inserted a tiny laser that will tighten the face with no scars, sutures or knives needed.

You can check out the procedure in the video below.

The Drs TV: Lazerlift Procedure Review

Seleina stopped by The Drs. set merely five weeks after her procedure and she was seeing some tremendous results. Dr. Bassin said she still has some time to heal, with more improvements coming over the next two or three months.

Dr. Bassin explained the Lazerlift works by inserting the laser under the skin where it melts away fat between the skin and muscle, moves around some of the deep tissue and tightens the skin. He said the device also has a heat sensor to tell the doctor when it is becoming too hot.

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