The Doctors: IO Beauty Booster, Borba Skin Balance Gummi Bears & Deo


The Doctors: Nutricosmetics Edible Cosmetics

The Doctors decided to kick off today’s show by taking a look at nutricosmetics or edible cosmetics. The nutricosmetic products The Doctors focused on were IO Beauty Booster, Borba Skin Balance Gummi Bears and Deo. The question is, how effective are nurticostmetics? Are they about to make makeup obsolete or just a passing fad?

The Doctors: IO Beauty Booster Review

First up, The Doctors tested IO Beauty Booster. It is suggested that you just put a few drops in your morning drink and it will make your skin cleaner. While it is high in antioxidants, the results it’s aiming for are best achieved simply by eating good foods, staying hydrated and not drinking too much alcohol.


The Doctors: Borba Skin Balance Gummi Bears Review

Borba Skin Balance Gummi Bears are … well, they’re gummi bears, so you eat them. They are high in vitamins A, C and E so taking them probably won’t hurt you, but like with all supplements you should be probably be getting those vitamins through your diet.

The Doctors: Deo Review

Finally, The Doctors spoke about Deo. This one actually works. Much like garlic, simply eating it can make you smell through your pores. Fortunately Deo smells much better.

Ultimately, The Doctors decided that nutricosmetics are more fad than future, but there’s no harm in them.


Borba Skin Balance Gummi Bears

Could nutricosmetic gummi bears replace makeup?

The Doctors: The Naked Face Project

The Doctors interviewed Caitlan about her Naked Face Project. The Naked Face Project is an experiment she designed with Girls on the Run founder Molly Baker. Essentially they decided to spend 60 days using no makeup and not shaving. They figured they could learn a lot about themselves and society through this project.

Caitlan says she’s learned that her naked face is just her face and that she feels a lot better without makeup now. Although, she does miss shaving and can’t wait to get back on the razor.


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