The Doctors: Internal Bra Surgery & iLipo Cellulite Treatment


How To Take Inches Off Your Thighs Without Surgery

Dr. Andrew Ordon shared a new solution that can take inches off your thighs in just one hour, without surgery. iLipo is a new technique to deal with excess fat and cellulite, which Dr. Ordon called “fat gone wild.” He explained that the Dermis normally holds fat in place, but sometimes it gives way and fat cells pop, creating Cellulite.

The Doctors: Internal Bra

If you aren't getting the support you need, have you thought about an internal bra procedure?


The Doctors: iLipo Fat Procedure

Dr. Stephen Ronan demonstrated the iLipo Treatment, explaining that it uses lasers that cause fat cells to empty into the bloodstream, as you would do naturally when burning fat. Other lasers in the device target the skin to repair it. Dr. Ronan said, “one procedure will remove about an inch of circumference,” and you can repeat the procedure up to eight times for lasting results.

Dr. Ordon said exercise is key after the procedure, to burn that fat and prevent it from relocating elsewhere in the body. Before and After pictures showed significant results after eight treatments and training workouts at a gym. You can find pictures and more info online at

The Doctors: Internal Designer Bra

Ashley said her sisters always had perky breasts, but hers didn’t develop. She’s lost weight in recent years, which has led to sagging breasts. She’s only 27, and she is embarrassed to spend time at the beach. Dr. Andrew Ordon agreed to create what he called a 3-In-1 Internal Designer Bra for Ashley.


Dr Andrew Ordon: Internal Bra Surgery

Dr. Ordon explained that he used breast sizers to preview the effects of the surgery. He used High Profile Mentor Implants, taking Ashley from a B to C cup. The internal brassiere component of this surgery uses durable Gortex sutures to give breast support.

The Doctors: Internal Brassiere

Ashley’s surgery was two days before the taping. She joined The Doctors in the studio to show off the results of her surgery. She said she feels great, and Dr. Ordon explained that the procedure used her existing breast tissue to create an underwire in her chest, also strengthening her breasts and securing the implants with permanent Gortex sutures.

Sunscreen & Nuts: Beauty Tricks

A 64-year old grandmother said one of her secrets to beautiful skin is Alpha Hydroxy Acid. She also recommends sunscreen every day. Nuts are a big part of her diet as well.


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