The Doctors: How To Repair A Broken Nail + Make Lipstick Last


The Doctors: Kale Chips Obese Dog Weight Loss Update

The Doctors shared a video of Kale Chips, an 86-pound Beagle they introduced last year. He was barely able to walk because he was so obese, but thanks to the help of his foster mom and good diet and exercise, he’s lost 40 pounds and now looks absolutely fantastic! Beth from Happy Dog Barkery was on Skype with Kale Chips who said he’s still up for adoption because he has a few “personality quirks.” He’s from Illinois if you’re in the area and would like to adopt him!

Because Kale Chips is easy on the eyes, eyes was the word of the day! You can use the word eyes on The Doctors website to enter for a chance to win a Patchology Energizing Eye Kit.


The Doctors: Manicure Tips + How To Fix A Broken Nail

The Doctors: How To Repair A Broken Nail + Make Lipstick Last

The Doctors welcomed a professional manicurist who shared her three tips for taking care of your nails, including how to fix a broken one. (trec_lit / Flickr)

Dr Rachael Ross introduced Nail Swag, celebrity manicurist who recently became famous on Instagram for her nail art. To fix a broken nail, empty a tea bag and cut off a little piece of it. Then use a little nail resin to apply a thin layer on top of your nail, then apply the tea bag piece and more resin, until it’s thick enough to hold up like a regular nail.


Next, if you have a gel manicure that’s a little old but no time to get it re-done, she suggested filling in your nail with glitter to create a sort-of ombre technique. Third, nail shape matters so you don’t want to get a shape that’s too unnatural.

The Doctors: Chinese Hospital Torturing People Over Sexual Orientation

For The Doctors News in 2:00, they reported that the Daily Mail just reported on a hospital in China that was using a “barbaric torture device” to change sexual orientation. Shocking undercover footage showed electrodes being placed near the genitals and heads of patients before receiving massive volts of electricity. Experts say that this form of aversion therapy can cause life-long physical and emotional damage.

The Doctors: Lindsey Vonn Hand Injury

Lindsey Vonn was in a recent photoshoot for “Health” magazine and gushed to News in 2:00 about her dogs. She recently landed in the hospital for injuries to her hand, sustained while breaking up a frisbee fight among her dogs. She’s expected to make a full recovery.

The Doctors: Amy Schumer & Caitlyn Jenner At Glamour Ceremony

Caitlyn Jenner picked up her Woman of the Year award at “Glamour” magazine’s 25th anniversary ceremony, with a touching speech. Amy Schumer was the host, and opened the evening with a bit of a somber note, talking about the shooting during the opening of her movie Train Wreck. She went on to say that if you’ve been convicted of domestic violence or if you’re severely mentally ill, “I don’t think you should be able to get a gun.”

The Doctors: Use Toilet Paper To Make Lipstick Last

Before the end of the show, Dr Rachael Ross revealed that toilet paper can make your lipstick last longer. Apply lipstick, as she did to Dr Drew Ordon, and then press your lips down onto a piece of toilet paper and then apply powder onto your lips through the toilet paper to seal it, and then apply another coat. You should be able to go the whole night without reapplying the color.


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