The Doctors: How To Look 10 Pounds Lighter In A Swimsuit


The Doctors: Summer Swimsuits

Summer is a great time to show off your body on the beach or by the pool. But that can make people self-conscious. The Doctors shared some advice about how to look 10 pounds lighter in a swimsuit. Plus, find out how frozen water bottles can fire up your summer workout.

How To Look 10 Pounds Lighter in a Swimsuit

The Doctors: How To Look 10 Pounds Lighter In A Swimsuit

Stylist Jeannie Mai showed women how to look 10 pounds lighter in a swimsuit.


Stylist and TV personality Jeannie Mai took up The Doctors’ challenge to reveal how you can be confident about finding the right swimsuit this summer.

Bikini Pear Shape

Jeannie’s first model had a small waist but bigger thighs. For this body type, Jeannie advised against triangle style tops. She recommended a fuller bikini to balance out her look. Bright neon colors and patterns helped the model pull off “a perfectly toned, athletic shape.”

Muffin Top Swimsuit

“If you cannot take two fingers and put them underneath your bikini, it is too tight,” Jeannie said. Instead, she suggested an elongating, supportive one-piece, which made the second model look much more svelte.


Small Bust Swimsuits

The next model was 5’2”, and Jeannie’s first tip was to ditch the Bandeau Top if you have a small bust. Instead, she suggested a halter bikini top. She also replaced a skirted bottom with a higher rise option to show off the model’s legs.

Dr Lisa Masterson added that summer is a great time to get more outdoor exercise. That means you could drop a swimsuit size in the process.

The Drs: Frozen Water Bottle for Workouts

But working out in the heat can be exhausting. What can you do to stay cool in the summer, without missing your workout? Dr Travis Stork highlighted a Stanford University study that used high tech cooling devices to keep women’s palms cool.

The women with cooler hands lost more weight and inches, burning more calories and moving faster. How can you get similar effects without spending a fortune on electronics? The Doctors suggested using frozen or cold water bottles while you walk or move around.

That way you have hydration literally at your fingertips. The Doctors said the bottles were very cold, but if you went for a walk in the summer heat, I’m sure they’d warm up quickly.

“Keeping cool when you work out in the summer will aid your summer workout,” Dr Travis concluded. “Summertime is playtime.”


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