The Doctors: How To Get Kids To Sleep In Their Own Beds


The Doctors: Kids Sleeping In Parents’ Beds

Do your children sleep in your bed? I’m sure they shouldn’t. One mother, Shannon, complained that her five-year-old daughter won’t stay in her own bed at night, always sneaking into her parents’ room. She asked for advice on how to get her daughter to break this habit.

Dr. Jim Sears said there are many different ways you can approach this problem. Shannon visited a sleep expert, who gave her a family plan to wean her daughter off this habit.


The Drs: Kids & Sleep

Learn how you can break kids of the habit of sleeping in their parents' beds.

The Drs TV: Setting Rules About Kids Sleeping In Their Beds

When Dr. Jim had this problem with his own children, he set rules with his kids. They had to fall asleep in their own beds, and they could come to their parents’ room if they woke up in the middle of the night, but they weren’t allowed to wake their parents.

The Doctors: Don’t Engage With Kids

You could also try moving a child’s bed into the parents’ room so they are close to you at night, in case they are afraid of being alone. Other parents, like mine, wouldn’t have this behavior and sternly expected kids to stay in their own rooms.


If you silently lead a child back to his or her own bed in the middle of the night, Dr. Jim advised against getting into a discussion or debate with them about the issue.

The Drs TV: Kids Will Eventually Sleep in Their Own Beds

Dr. Jim pointed out that this is a habit kids will grow out of, though “usually it’s a little later than you’re ready.”

The Doctors: Kids Room Makeover

Dr. Travis added that you could look at the child’s environment to see if there’s something in the room you can change to make them more comfortable sleeping at night.

The Doctors sent Shannon and her daughter to a professional children’s bedroom makeover specialist, Gerri Panebianco of Little Crown Interiors, who had advice on making the bedroom more inviting for her daughter.

The Drs TV: Kids Room Sleep Tips

The designers used blackout drapes to “minimize scary factor” and prevent the young girl from being scared by shadows outside at night. They also made the room more comfortable, using organic sheets.

They also cleared up some clutter, making the bed the main focus of the bedroom. Experts also recommended removing the TV, because it is actually distracting and doesn’t promote quality sleep. Instead, they used a white noise machine to help set the mood.

Last, they updated the bedroom to make it more age appropriate. Shannon was excited about her daughter Ella’s new room design. Hopefully it helps make the difference for Shannon’s sleep habits.

The Doctors: Eyebrow Makeup Results

Earlier, three women tried various Eyebrow Treatments to improve the appearance and thickness of their brows. Dr. Andrew Ordon revealed the results of each treatment.

He found that Ashley’s makeup treatment improved the look and appearance of her eyebrows.

The Drs TV: Eyebrow Tattoo Results

The Tattooing technique improved the fullness and natural aesthetic of the eyebrows. Plus it lasts for a few years, which means less time fussing with makeup.

The Doctors: Eyebrow Transplant Surgery Results

The Doctors also showed a before and after shot of what Rochelle can expect to see once she fully recovers from her surgery.

The Drs: Personalized Medicine

The Doctors agreed that there is always more than one viable treatment approach to a problem, mentioning the new buzzword Personalized Medicine.

“What works for you may not work for me,” he said, “because we’re all different. Seek a solution that works for you.”


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