The Doctors: Healthy Hair Salad Recipe | Stress & Women’s Hair Loss


The Doctors: Pregnancy, Body Odor & Hair Health

From moles and hair to pain and other weird body problems, The Doctors hoped today’s show would help us answer one question: “Why does my body do that?” Check out Dr Lisa’s Healthy Hair Salad Recipe. Also, is body odor genetic? But first, The Doctors talked about what to do if you’re not sure a woman is pregnant.

The Drs: Pregnant Vs Overweight

Dr Travis Stork shared a picture of a woman with her face blurred out. He asked the audience and the rest of the medical team whether she looked like she is pregnant or overweight. (This is a social nightmare, isn’t it?)


The Doctors even asked people on the street what they thought of the photo. While men said she was pregnant, the women surveyed seemed to think she was just heavy. How many times has someone made the social faux pas of congratulating a woman who looks pregnant, but is actually overweight?

Healthy Hair Salad Recipe: The Doctors

The Doctors shared a Healthy Hair Salad Recipe to help fight the effects of stress and other factors on thinning hair.

“Unless you actually see the baby coming out between your legs, you don’t ask,” Dr Jim Sears said. Dr Lisa Masterson agreed, saying it can be humiliating and insulting. “Even when a woman’s had a baby, a lot of times you look pregnant after still, and that’s even worse,” she said.


The Doctors: Is She Overweight or Pregnant?

How can you tell whether someone is pregnant or just overweight? Dr Lisa said that pregnant women tend to rub their stomachs, especially in the later stages of pregnancy. “But still, before that, you may not know,” she said.

Dr Travis said that women who refuse wine at a dinner party could be tipping their hand. Sometimes women will switch to more sensible shoes, but Dr Lisa said other ladies choose to stick with fashionable but impractical footwear all through the pregnancy.

The Drs: What Your Hair Says About Your Relationship

A recent Case Western Reserve concluded that divorce is the second leading cause of hair loss for female (first on the list is genetics). A study of twins discovered that divorced women had thinner hair. Who knew?

Dr Lisa explained that the stress of major relationship and life changes has been shown to cause “central hair loss,” as opposed to receding hairline, which is attributed to hormones, aging, and other factors such as smoking. Alopecia Areata is yet another stress related hair loss condition.

The Doctors: Stress & Women’s Hair Loss

Dr Jim said that wearing a hat can help keep your hair healthy. But managing your emotional health is good for many different body processes, and it could keep your hair healthy as well.

Dr Andrew Ordon said that any treatments for Male Pattern Baldness, such as hair plugs, pills, and other solutions, are options for women as well.

Dr Lisa’s Healthy Hair Salad Recipe

Dr Lisa shared her Healthy Hair Salad Recipe, full of ingredients with nutrients to promote healthier hair. Spinach helps ensure you’re getting enough Iron, while Walnuts add Omega 3s to your diet. Kidney Beans provide biotin, while Chicken can add Protein.

Dr Jim said that improving the Omega 3 content in his diet really made a difference in the health of his hair, which he said was thinning at one time.


  • Spinach
  • Walnuts
  • Kidney Beans
  • Chicken


  1. If you are using Chicken, be sure it is fully cooked before using it in your salad.
  2. Combine the ingredients in a bowl and mix with a light dressing to keep calories low.

The Doctors: Is Body Odor Genetic?

Tricia from Boston emailed The Doctors to complain about her smelly roommate. It’s not that she’s unclean, but showers don’t seem to make a difference, and Tricia reported noticing the same smell at her roommate’s parents’ house, leading her to wonder whether it’s genetic.

“Believe it or not, body odor could be her parents’ fault,” Dr Travis said, citing research that found a genetic component in some situations. “It’s a genetic thing that you’re lacking a certain enzyme to neutralize byproducts of certain foods,” Dr Andrew added.

Trimethylaminuria is the medical name, and it means there is too much Trimethylamine in your system. This comes from foods that have high Coleine content, from foods like eggs, fish, and liver. Changing your diet can make a difference in the odor.



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