The Doctors: Hair Loss Home Remedy: Lime Seeds & Black Pepper


The Doctors said that we have over 100,000 hairs in our head, but it is totally normal to lose 50-100 hairs every day.  So when should you start to worry about hair loss?   Hair loss can be caused by poor nutrition, aging and menopause. The Doctors Witch Hazel Hair Loss

The Doctors: Hair Loss 5 Minute Fix

The Doctors: Witch Hazel for Hair Loss

First, soak some cotton in Witch Hazel and then apply it to your scalp.  The Witch Hazel will soak up oil which can cause hair loss.


The Doctors: Add Honey to Shampoo for Hair Loss

Second, you can try adding some honey into your shampoo because it will help to hydrate your hair and prevent you from losing more hair.

The Doctors said that stress can also increase your Hair Loss, along with poor nutrition.  Even pregnancy can cause you to lose hair after you give birth.  One thing that I am guilty of is that I use a Towel Turban to dry my hair off after I shower, and The Doctors said that if you have long hair, these towel wraps can cause damage to your hair follicles and your hair can actually fall out.

The Doctors: Hair Loss Remedy

The Doctors said that you can make a paste out of lime seeds, black pepper and a splash of water.  Apply this paste to wherever you are losing hair, and it should help you to grow more hair.  Here are some more Natural Remedies.


Lastly, if you are experience Hair Loss and it is not genetic or you are not sure why it is happening, you might want to have your hormone levels checked out because it can be a sign of something much more serious.



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