The Doctors: Garlic Acne Remedy & How To Look Perfect in Photos


The Drs: Super Bowl Snack Beauty Treatments

Beauty expert Kym Douglas shared halftime beauty secrets you can use to get beauty benefits during your Super Bowl party.

The Doctors Garlic Acne Remedy

Did you know your party snacks can be used for beautifying treatments?


The Doctors: Salsa Opens Pores

Kym said Salsa “is like Retin-A in your snack food aisle.” Tomatoes contain Lycopene, an antioxidant. It can even open your pores if you feel like rubbing it on your face.

The Drs: Garlic Acne Treatment

Garlic is a natural acne fighting treatment. Apply it directly to the pimple to pull out bacteria.

The Doctors: Guacamole Skin Hydration

Guacamole naturally hydrates your skin, making it a great winter snack. It also has Vitamins A, E, and C.


Avocado Slices for Puffy Eyes

Putting Avocado Slices on your eyes can hydrate them and help reduce puffiness.

Potato Ruddy Complexion Remedy

These popular snacks can actually clear up your ruddy complexion. Mix a little potato and sour cream in a blender, then apply it to your face for 10 minutes.

The Doctors: Sour Cream Razor Burn Remedy

This snack dip is also a great razor burn treatment. All you have to do is lightly apply it to your razor burn area.

For another beauty secret, try Kym Douglas’s Smoothie Facial Mask Recipe.

The Doctors: How To Look Perfect in Photos

What do you hate about photos of yourself? Some of us always have red eyes, but maybe your complaint is a double chin. America’s Next Top Model winner Whitney Thompson shared her secrets for helping the camera capture you at your best.

The Doctors: S Shape for Photos

Whitney said you should pose in an S shape, shifting to one side and twisting at your waist. This could cut your hip size in half.

The Drs: Keep Arms Away From Body in Photos

Holding the arms away from the body avoids smushy arms. Arms at your waistline can be sexy and slimming.

The Doctors: How to Prevent a Double Chin in Photos

Stick your neck out, then tilt your chin down. You’ll never have a double chin in another photo.

High Camera Angle

Make sure the camera is at your eye level or above. This will highlight your jawline.

And of course, Don’t forget to smile in your photographs.

Now you know how to face the camera with the confidence of a model.


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