The Doctors: Fixing Eyelid Bags & Scoliosis Spinal Fusion Surgery


The Doctors: Undereye Bag Surgery

Many of us suffer from bags under the eyes. One woman has been suffering for 15 years, and nothing she has tried yet has worked out. Erin finally went to see Dr. Adam Scheiner at the Tampa Eye Clinic. He found that she has Eyelid Festoons.

The Drs: Eyelid Festoons

The procedure takes out some of the fat and fullness from inside the lower eyelid, using a laser. It’s a delicate procedure. I wear contacts every day, so I’m comfortable with putting my fingers close to my eyes. But Erin’s surgery looked extremely intense!


The Doctors: Baggy Eye Surgery

Chronic bags under the eyes may be Eyelid Festoons, or Malar Bags, which can be corrected with surgery.

The Doctors: Malar Bag Laser Surgery

Dr. Adam Scheiner and Erin joined The Doctors in the studio to discuss the surgery results. The Before And After pictures showed that Erin’s bags were gone after the procedure. Eyelid Festoons, also called Malar Bags, have been historically challenging to treat.

Dr. Scheiner said the condition is caused by damage to the skin, typically inflicted by the sun. It smoothes and tightens the skin, making successful patients look refreshed instead of tired all the time.


He demonstrated his surgical technique on an Avocado. He said the laser creates a controlled wound that the body will repair with new skin. Going through multiple skin layers allows the body to generate lasting results, as long as patients protect themselves from the sun.

The Drs TV: Scoliosis Spinal Fusion Surgery

Paige was diagnosed with Scoliosis at age 12, and her spinal curve has progressed over the years. She is now 24, and she has lost 2 inches of height in the last six years. She said the chronic pain makes her feel decades older than she is.

Doctors performed a Spinal Fusion Instrumentation Surgery to straighten Paige’s curved spine. The procedure starts with Osteotomy Cuts through the spine, allowing doctors to correct the curves more easily. They strategically inserted screws into the spine to control its individual segments. They used a device to rotate the spine and remove the curvature.

The Doctors: Scoliosis Spinal Surgery

The six-hour procedure was successful, according to orthopedic surgeon Dr. Michael Chang, who said Paige would be back to her daily routine within a few weeks, though it would be months before she could engage in more demanding physical activities, like sports. Innovations in spinal surgery in recent years have made the procedures more accurate and successful.

Dr. Chang showed a model of Paige’s spine, as well as her Before And After X-Rays, to demonstrate how her spine has been straightened. Scoliosis causes many problems for sufferers, including fatigue, chronic pain, difficulty breathing and low weight.

Body image is also a major concern for Scoliosis patients. The contours of patients’ forms and figures were much more symmetrical about six weeks after this surgery.


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