The Doctors: Eyebrow Extensions + Curl Hair With Tin Foil


The Doctors: Eyebrow Extensions

Have you ever thought about getting brow extensions? If you have brows that are barely there, this could be for you! Synthetic brow hairs are placed onto existing brow hairs as well as your skin to fill in the gaps and holes and create a beautiful shape. It typically lasts 10-21 days.


Syreeta said she was going to throw her eyebrow pencil away now that she’s seen how good she can look with eyebrow extensions.

If you have alopecia, a thyroid disorder, are going through chemotherapy, or have over-tweezed brows, you’re a good candidate. To get two eyebrows done it costs as little as $95 for a very dramatic result.

The Doctors: Eyebrow Extensions + Curl Hair With Tin Foil

If you have barely-there brows, eyelash extensions could just be the solution you’ve been searching for. (do-it_do-it-now / Flickr)


The Doctors: Curl Your Hair With Aluminum Foil

Next, The Doctors revealed the key to bouncy curls without burning your hair. Try aluminum foil! There are all kinds of YouTube videos out there, but basically you wrap a small section of hair around your finger and then cover it with a piece of tin foil, repeating until your entire hair is done. Then take a flat iron and clasp it over the tin foil for a few sections to heat the tin foil. Leave the foil in your hair until it cools, and be sure to be careful around your ears and forehead. Then remove the tin foil and release your hair for an easy hair upgrade!

Upgrade was the word of the day and you can use the word upgrade to enter for a chance to win a complete style line courtesy of Matrix.

The Doctors: Kim Zolciak-Biermann Off DWTS

The Doctors News in 2:00 reported that Kim Zolciak-Biermann will no longer be performing on Dancing with the Stars after suffering a mini stroke and spending three days in the hospital. She made a quick recovery but allegedly there is an illness clause in the contract that will prevent Kim from competing on the show.

The Doctors: Paul Walker Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The teenage daughter of the late Paul Walker has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against car maker Porsche. The suit claims Paul died because of a defective seatbelt which prevented Paul from escaping the car before it burst into flames. Investigators claimed the crash was caused by unsafe driving, with the car going as fast as 93 miles per hour in a 45 mile per hour zone. To complete production of Furious 7, Paul Walker’s brother doubled as his late brother in scenes.

The Doctors: New Jersey High School Quarterback Autopsy Report

New Jersey high school football player Evan Murray died last Friday following an on-field hit, although there was no sign of head trauma. An autopsy revealed that the high school senior died of massive internal bleeding from a ruptured spleen. The report said his spleen was abnormally enlarged, meaning he was more susceptible to injury.

The Doctors: Champions Of Hope Gala

At the Tribute to Champions of Hope Gala, Global Genes recognized those battling rare diseases. Actress Bryce Dallas Howard was there to raise awareness about Huntington’s disease.

The Doctors: Watermelon Cake

If you want to eat cake without all the guilt, you make a watermelon cake instead. Just cut the rinds and ends off of a watermelon and then blot with a paper towel so that the frosting can adhere to it. Watermelon is super nutritious and you can make the icing out of coconut cream, raw honey, and vanilla extract to complete the healthy cake. Plus, top it with fresh fruit and you’re really getting a healthy treat!


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