The Doctors: Eucerin Skin First Pledge & Eucerin Calming Body Wash


The Doctor TV Show featured Dr Deborah Sarnoff, a professor of Dermatology at the NYU Medical Center.  Another lady who had extremely dry skin was a guest of The Drs TV Show and talked about her problem.  The woman said that her dry skin started to bother her at the age of eight and it only got worse and worse as the years went on.  Her skin is very itchy and it can make her very depressed.  Most women do not like to look in the mirror because of their weight but she does not like to see herself because of her dry, flaky skin.  She said that she is a mom who runs around and does chores, but she does not know how to make her skin a priority. The Doctors Eucerin Body Wash & Moisturizer

The Doctors TV Show: Dry Flaky Skin Tips

The Doctors were told by Dr Deborah Sarnoff that you should only use a gentle cleanser that is rich in lipids and a lipid enriched moisturizer (plus sunblock during the day).  Dr Sarnoff said that research shows that the first thing that most people do not like about themselves is their hair, followed by their nose, and third is their skin.  People get embarrassed of red, dry, flaky, itchy skin.  Here are some tips from The Doctors on how to avoid dry skin:


1.  Bathe less often

2.  Bathe for shorter periods of time

3.  Use lukewarm water


4.  Avoid using textured washcloths that can be abrasive on your skin

The Doctors: Eucerin Calming Body Wash & Eucerin Calming Creme

The Doctors showed two different products that they recommended for use in the winter time.  One is Eucerin Calming Body Wash, which is a rich moisturizing body wash (I recently sampled this product at my dermatologist’s office and loved it!).  It does not irritate my skin at all and it leaves my skin so soft.  The other product is Eucerin Calming Creme, which is a moisturizing lotion made out of oatmeal and glycerin that is great for applying after your shower.

The Doctors: Skin First Pledge

Dr Deborah Sarnoff said that she, along with fitness experts and nutritionists, make up the Eucerin Skin First Counsel who have all made the pledge to make skin a priority.  So take the Eucerin Skin First Pledge today and promise yourself that you will make your skin a priority!


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