The Doctors: Emma Stone Grapeseed Oil Moisturizer & Oily Hair Remedy


The Drs: Grapeseed Oil & Oily Hair Remedy

How far would you go to get a young, beautiful complexion? That’s the question The Doctors tackled in a quick quiz about some hot young stars. Could Grapeseed Oil be the magic beauty bullet? And what can you do for an Oily Hair Remedy, if you have the opposite problem?

This episode already featured lots of celebrity advice. Tiffani Thiessen covered Laser Hair Removal. Dick Van Dyke’s Arthritis foods were another highlight. The Billy Blanks PT 24/7 Workout got a test run. Also, Jewel spoke and sang about Childhood Hunger. But there were still a few more quick celebrity beauty tips to be revealed.


The Doctors: Grapeseed Oil Moisturizer

The Doctors: Emma Stone Grapeseed Oil Remedy

According to The Doctors, Emma Stone uses Grapeseed Oil to keep her complexion clear and beautiful. (Featureflash /

Which of the following young actresses said that Grapeseed Oil is the secret to her beautiful skin?

  • Taylor Swift
  • Emma Stone
  • Lea Michelle

The Drs: Emma Stone Grapeseed Oil

The audience was split on the answer. But The Doctors revealed that Emma Stone is the woman who shared her beauty secret.


Dr Andrew Ordon explained that Grapeseed Oil is a perfect natural moisturizer. He suggested using it on your face or any part of your skin that is chronically dry.

The Doctors: Oily Hair Flour Remedy

Have you ever experienced greasy hair? A survey of The Doctors team and audience suggested that it happens to everyone now and then. But did you know you probably already have the remedy sitting in your kitchen?

Dr Ordon explained that flour could do the trick to clear this up. “If your hair is too oily, I have a solution,” he said, using Dr Jim Sears as his model of another celebrity beauty trend. Dr Ordon dabbed the flour into Dr Sears’ hair.

He explained that you should brush the flour into the hair so that it’s subtly blended, and it will actually absorb excess oil in the hair.

The Drs: Celebrity Advice

Celebrities are often in the news, and obviously not everything they have to say should be construed as health advice. “When you hear something from a celebrity, make sure you check it out yourself before you try it out,” Dr Travis Stork said.


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