The Doctors: Dr Karent Sierra Smile Makeover & Dress For Success


The Doctors: Dr Karent Sierra Smile Makeover & Dress For Success

The Doctors and Dr Karent Sierra provided a deserving mom with a brand new smile and makeover.

The Doctors: Dr Karent Sierra Smile Makeover

Dr. Karent Sierra, cosmetic dentist and reality TV star, performed a life-changing makeover on The Doctors. Susan is a 33-year old single mother of six. After surviving an abusive relationship, she is now homeless and struggling to find work.
As a result of the abuse Susan suffered, her teeth are almost completely destroyed. When Karent heard Susan’s story, she knew she had to help.


Susan believed that her teeth were part of the reason she could not find employment, and her self esteem was extremely affected. Karent revealed that the damage to Susan’s smile included swollen gums, bone loss and extreme decay.

However, Karent was able to give Susan a complete smile transformation. She also received an entire new look, from makeup to hair to clothes. Susan looked amazing, and it was obvious that she felt even better on the inside than she looked on the outside. See Susan’s complete new look in the video below.


The Drs: Dress For Success

However, Susan’s new smile and look weren’t the only surprises in store. Dress for Success is an organization that helps women like Susan find employment and improve their lives. They said they would be happy to help her on her path towards a brighter future.

Plus, Carrfour Housing agreed to provide Susan with a new home, and Neighbors for Neighbor agreed to help with clothing for the children and money for groceries. Susan was overwhelmed by the amount of support she received, and it was all thanks to Dr. Karent Sierra. Karent advised Susan to “pay it forward” and help someone else after she gets her life on track.

The Doctors: Are Teeth Gaps Harmful To Health?

A Doctors viewer had a question just for Dr. Karent Sierra. She asked if having a small gap between her teeth was a health concern, and if she should have it fixed. Karent explained that gaps in the back of the mouth can become an issue, because food can get stuck and go unnoticed. However, gaps in the front of teeth are much easier to keep clean, so it’s a matter of personal preference.



  1. Phyllis Pottinger says

    Good morning, i enjoyed the show this morning but would like to find how to get in touch with the Dr Karent Sierra about smile makeover for my Husband to be so i could get his mouth fix, before his Birthday it will be a suprise for him he worry about his mouth so much that he will marry after it is fix. not much money but will pay to get it fix so let me know the address and phone number that we could go there thanks very much

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