The Doctors: Chocolate Body Wrap, Kitty Litter Facial & Caviar Spa


The Doctors TV Show spoke about some of the Latest Health Trends in 2011, including some wonderful at-home spa treatments from the Trend Spa.  The Drs TV Show demonstrated several innovative remedies including a Chocolate Body Wrap, a Kitty Litter Face Mask, a Caviar Hair Treatment and a Snake Massage!

The Doctors: Caviar Hair Treatment Recipe

Dr Andrew Ordon was joined by Nina Sutton in the Trend Spa for this segment.  Sutton said that you can do an amazing hair treatment at home by The Doctors Kitty Litter Facialmixing together Black Caviar (which is packed with omega 3’s), olive oil, and eggs.  You just paint the Caviar Hair Treatment onto your hair, relax, and wash it off to reveal gorgeous, soft, shiny hair!


The Doctors: Kitty Litter Face Mask Recipe

Yes, you read that correctly – a Kitty Litter Facial!  When you stop and think about it, it does actually make sense.  Kitty Litter contains benzonite clay, which is an ingredient in very expensive face mask products.  All you do is mix 2 TB of kitty litter with a bit of water, microwave it for 10 seconds, and apply the liquid to your skin.  You can use the Kitty Litter Face Mask once or twice a week, although, if you have dry skin, you should probably avoid it.

The Doctors: Chocolate Body Wrap

Nina Sutton demonstrated how to apply a delicious sounding Chocolate Body Wrap that is rich in antioxidants.  This body wrap detoxifies and tones your skin – it’s practically like dessert but without the calories!  You paint the Chocolate Body Wrap onto your skin, cover the area with plastic wrap, and relax for an hour.  If you have a warm blanket, that is a great thing to cover yourself with so that the Chocolate Body Wrap turns into a deep skin treatment.

The Doctors: Snake Massage

This spa treatment is definitely not for everyone.  If you are scared of snakes, this will sound more like a nightmare than a relaxing massage.  The Snake Massage uses living creatures – snakes – to massage your body and to help make you feel better.  Of course the snakes are all Nonpoisonous Snakes, and they say the bigger the snake is, the better it feels for you.  Dr Travis Stork said that the Snake Massage comes from Northern Israel.  The person getting the Snake Massage on the show said that it felt great and the snake skin is smooth, not slimy and wet like people might imagine.



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