The Doctors: Breast Cancer Gene Causes Breast Removal Proactively


The Doctors: Breast Cancer Prevention

What would you do if you found out you were at risk for Breast Cancer? There are many possible approaches, and although the one featured in today’s show was dramatic, it could be a viable option in the years to come.

Breast Cancer Treatment sometimes involves a Mastectomy, or removal of one or both breasts. Dr. Lisa Masterson said that another woman named Lisa took drastic measures when she learned she carried a hereditary Breast Cancer Gene.


The Doctors: Proactive Mastectomy

Would you undergo a proactive Mastectomy to prevent breast cancer?

The Drs TV: Breast Cancer Gene

Lisa explained that she is one of 10 siblings, and one of her sisters recently passed away after battling Ovarian Cancer. Lisa underwent genetic testing and discovered she carried a gene that leads to Breast Cancer.

She took an aggressive, proactive approach by having her potentially cancerous natural breasts removed and replaced with implants, all in one procedure.


Preventative Reconstructive Breast Surgery

There are lots of Lisas in this segment, because the reconstructive surgeon’s name is also Lisa. Patient Lisa said she felt great about her decision, because removing her breast tissue decreased her risk by 90%.

Dr. Andrew Ordon said this is an atypical surgery, combining the removal of precancerous tissue and the chest reconstruction.

Reconstructive surgeon Dr. Lisa Cassileth explained that the procedure leaves a scar under the breast or near the Aerola. Dr. Lisa Masterson said this procedure could encourage other women to be proactive about treatment, since it no longer means having to lose your breasts.

The Doctors: Internal Bra Procedure

Dr. Cassileth said there are some common problems in breast reconstruction. One of them is rippling, which does not look natural. She said she designed an internal bra to create a natural look from the inside out. This internal bra supports the skin as the body heals from surgery.

Read more about another Internal Bra Procedure.

Breast Cancer Removal Prognosis

Dr. Lisa Masterson said this is an important innovation in treating and preventing breast cancer. Would you opt for this procedure if it meant reducing your breast cancer risk by 90%?

The Scar Project

At the beginning of this segment, The Doctors showed images from a collection called The Scar Project, which documents beautiful women and their scars after having their breasts removed.


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