The Doctors: Brazilian Peel & Kate Somerville Glow Kit Reviews


The Doctors: Red Carpet Ready

How do you get ready for your special night out? Everyone probably has their own routine. Today, Dr. Andrew Ordon revealed his beautifying secrets.

Dr Ordon’s Red Carpet Facial Mask

Dr. Andrew got a facial, and fellow plastic surgeon Dr. Ritu Chopra explained the ingredients that were key to getting glowing skin. One was a Pigment Inhibitor, which slows down pigment producing cells for bright skin.


The Doctors: Kate Sommerville's Glow Kit

With new products on the market, it's easier than ever to skip the office visit and get DIY facial treatments.

Dr. Chopra also mentioned it contained Glycolic and Lactic Acids for exfoliation, as well as antioxidants like soothing Green Tea. He recommended applying it a few days before your big event, to look beautiful for your special day.

How Long To Do Botox Before a Special Event

Dr. Travis Stork surprised Dr. Andrew with his medical partner, Dr. Kami Parsa, who revealed one of his other beauty secrets.


It’s really no secret how much he loves Botox, but he was up for yet another brow lift. The way Dr. Andrew gives out Botox like candy, I wouldn’t be surprised to learn he’s actually 300 years old.

When To Get Botox

Dr. Travis asked how much time you need to give Botox to work before your special occasion. Dr. Andrew said you’ll need at least a day or two to see the full effects, and optimally you should get a Botox treatment four to seven days before you want to look your best.

Fillers may give more immediate results. Generally, Botox injections will last about three to six months. Dr. Andrew also mentioned that you should get a facial mask several days before you want to see the optimal results, to let the redness from the acids clear up.

Brazilian Peel Review

When you get a professional facial treatment, it typically involves Glycolic Acid, which must be neutralized following application and treatment. If you go to the office for treatment, they will take care of all this for you.

But now there is a new product called the Brazilian Peel that will neutralize Glycolic Acid, making it easier than ever to give yourself a facial. Dr. Andrew gifted this product to the entire audience.

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Kate Somerville’s The Glow Kit Review

Dr. Travis Stork revealed that stars on the Red Carpet don’t get that glow from tanning. Instead, it’s all about daily exfoliation and moisturizing.

That’s why Dr. Andrew Ordon gave everyone Kate Somerville’s The Glow Kit, an all in one product to achieve exfoliation, hydration, and facial tissue repair.

Click here to get Kate Somerville’s The Glow Kit for yourself.


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