The Doctors: BellaFill Treatment For Severe Acne Scars

The Doctors: Severe Acne Scars

Michelle is 23-years-old and suffers from acne scars that are so severe, they’ve held her back throughout her life. She began breaking out in high school, and it began slowly, getting more and more severe. She constantly covered it with foundation and would sometimes just go to bed with her makeup still on, only to apply more the next morning. She said her makeup is a security blanket. In 2013, she lost her sister, and was depressed, causing her to break out even more. She’s incredibly self conscious and is constantly thinking about the names she’s been called. Her scarring prevents her from meeting new people, but she’s holding on to hope that there’s something out there that can help with her scarring.


The Doctors: BellaFill Acne Scar Treatment

The Doctors: BellaFill Treatment For Severe Acne Scars

A young woman turned to The Doctors for help after living in constant suffering due to her severe acne scars. (stevendepolo / Flickr)

Michelle and dermatologist Dr Sonia Batra joined the show. Michelle said she was feeling relieved to walk out without any makeup on. Dr Batra took a closer look at Michelle, who explained that in high school she would pimples and pick at them, causing a permanent indent. She’s never taken any medication for her acne and noticed that sugary foods tend to make her breakouts worse. She was asked about Accutane but because she lost her sister, she was worried about the side effects and possible depression.


Dr Batra explained that she was going to try to use a filler under the surface of the skin to make the scars look more even and smooth. Dr Batra then explained that there was a lot of hope for Michelle. Dr Batra was hoping to get Michelle on a good regimen to shut down and prevent the breakouts from happening in the first place. For the scars she already had, she was going to use that filler, which is called BellaFill. It’s the onlu FDA-approved filler meant specifically for acne scars.

Dr Batra was also going to use a resurfacing laser to smooth and blend Michelle’s skin from the top. They were going to get Michelle started on those laser treatments right then, back in the procedure room.

The Doctors: Fractional CO2 Laser For Acne Scars

Dr Batra, Dr Andrew Ordon, and Michelle were then back in the procedure room. Dr Batra was about to use a fractinal CO2 laser on Michelle, explaining that it would smooth her skin from the surface. She’s basically trying to blend the skin, and explained that before the laser, Michelle was numbed so that she wasn’t experiencing any pain. Because Michelle has olive-toned skin, they had to pretreat her skin with a fading cream, to avoid pigment changes. She has to avoid the sun for an entire month and she’ll also be on an antibiotic and antiviral medication to prevent infection.

Michelle will have to wait a few months in between laser treatments to see if she needs more. The laser can cost anywhere from $1,500-3,000 depending on how much treatment is needed. The Doctors lined up further care for Michelle closer to home at the Asarch Center in Colorado.


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