The Doctors: Beetle Extract & Liquid Nitrogen Wart Treatments


The Doctors: What Causes Warts

Briana is frustrated with dozens of bumps she has noticed on her legs. As a cheerleader, she is really embarrassed about this condition. Dr. Andrew Ordon and Dr. Sandra Lee diagnosed Briana with warts, and now they are going to treat her condition.

Dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee explained that Warts are caused by a variety of viruses. Some types of viruses can cause Plantar Warts or Genital Warts. In Briana’s case, she is suffering from Flat Warts.


The Doctors: Beetle Extract Wart Treatment

Beetle extract can be used to treat warts by forming a blister over them.

Flat Warts are typically flesh colored, and they are most noticeable on the face and legs. They can spread and become more prominent when you shave as well.

The Doctors: Koebnerization Spreads Warts

Dr. Andrew Ordon explained that Briana’s spreading warts were caused by Koebnerization. As she shaved the warts off her legs, it spread the virus across the skin of her legs. To prevent Keobnerization, don’t burst your warts using a razor while you are shaving.


Noticing a lot of warts can indicate immune system problems, but when young people have warts, they may not know what to do. Wart treatments can be difficult and frustrating.

The Drs: Liquid Nitrogen Wart Treatment

There are countless methods of treating Warts, because there is no perfect way to address them. Dr. Sandra Lee said medical professionals use Liquid Nitrogen to freeze warts in the doctor’s office. It has a temperature of -196 Centigrade, which is really cold.

Dr. Sandra Lee sprayed the Liquid Nitrogren on Briana’s warts, explaining that after a moment it would “form a little blister and peel off, and hopefully not come back.”

The Drs: Imiquimod Cream

To treat warts at home, try Imiquimod Cream, which can trigger your body to react to the wart. Prescription chemicals and creams may also be available from your doctor.

The Doctors: Canthardin Beetle Extract For Warts

Canthardin is a beetle extract that forms a blister on the wart over a period of time, causing it to peel off the next day. But The Doctors cautioned that you will want to thoroughly wash the skin where it is applied within a couple hours of application.


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