The Doctors: Avene Lip Balm & Intraceuticals Winter Skin Treatment


The Doctors TV Show did an entire show on the topic of How to Winterize Your Family. The Drs TV Show mentioned some tips for How to Winterize Your Skin with Dr Ava Shamban, a dermatologist in Beverley Hills. The Doctors TV Show Lip Balm

The Doctors TV Show: How Moisturizing Affects Skin

Winter weather is harsh on your skin and can make it look like alligator skin or like leather.  If you do not replenish the moisture, your skin turns into crackly leather.  So, what you want to do is to replace the moisture and the fats in your skin like the Ceramides and Free Fatty Acids.


The Doctors TV Show: Intraceuticals Winter Oxidation Facial Treatment

The Doctors showed a demonstration with Dr Ava Shamban of an Intraceuticals Winter Oxidation Facial Treatment, which is where they apply to your skin a mixture of  sugar naturally found in the skin along with vitamins a and c and green tea extract.  The Intraceuticals treatment applies the mixture under pressure so that it penetrates deep into your skin so that you get an instant plumping result.

The Doctors: At Home Winter Body Mask

Dr Ava Shamban said that you can do an At Home Winter Body Mask by combining avocado, jojoba oil, olive oil and honey.  Apply the mixture to your body and cover the area with plastic wrap so that it will help to drive the active ingredients deeper into your skin.

The Doctors TV Show: Chapped Lips

Dr Andrew Ordon put on fake chapped lips to show what can happen in the winter when there are harsh winter conditions.  Your lips only have 4-5 layers of cells, instead of the 10-15 cell layers like elsewhere on your face.  So, chapped lips can begin to peel like dough.


The Doctors TV Show: Avene Lip Balm

Dr Ava Shamban recommended using Avene Lip Balm, because it contains vitamin e plus an ingredient that heals ulcers.  My dermatologist also highly recommended Avene Lip Balm!


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